Friday, November 28, 2008

One Of A Kind

I managed to go to the One Of A Kind Show at last.
Every year, there seems to be something going on that has prevented me from being able to go.
This year I was as free as a bird- plus I had free media passes.
I brought Lulu with me which was o-kay.
She chilled in the stroller for the first half of the show.
Than again, I came prepared with plenty-o-bribery-loot.
Chocolate soy milk box- bought me 10 minutes.
Bits and Bites- another 10 minutes.
Raisins- 1 minute.
grapes- 0 minutes.
lollipop- 10 more minutes.
Gum- gasp! I know terrible mother, but whatever- 20 long luxurious minutes.
It was crowded and I'm glad that Lulu agreed to stay in the stroller most of the time, even though we kept getting stuck behind elderly ladies, leisurely checking out the booths.
Imagine! being leisurely at a Craft Show! The nerve...
Let's go ladies...chop chop...I'm on a mission..I have to get the entire place covered before Lulu decides that there just isn't enough sugar to keep her contained and insists on getting out of her stroller, which would be soooo not good.
Try telling a three year old not to touch lots of cool hand-made glittery neat things 1000 times.
Eventually they refuse to listen, take off, and lie in the middle of aisle G and have a melt down in front of hundreds of horrified onlookers.
I'm just saying.....
But it was worth it, as I found that fantastic hat and scarf.
And I'm not really a hat wearer- but the reality of standing on the sidelines of the park/school etc. for what seems like an eternity when its freaking freezing out has brought out the sensible side in me.
Bonus that it's super warm and super cute.
Now...where was that pediatric dentist's phone number?.....


kgirl said...

I love the one of a kind. I probably won't go this season, but I took Bee in the spring, and luckily there were some things there that she was actually allowed to touch, because I also got sick of squealing at her, 'Look with your eyes!'

motherbumper said...

I miss going to the one of the kind but the main reason I don't go now is: I cannot pack enough bribes to prevent the melt down in aisle G from going nuclear.

motherbumper said...

BTW - if that's the hat and scarf combo you got, I'm totally stealing them next time I see you.

Lynn said...

Love the hat and scarf -- so pretty and unique!

amanda said...

AGH, I love that hat! Too cute.

And I can so relate to the toddler meltdown in aisle G. Oh can I relate! haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that hat!!

kurrabikid said...

Hey, I practise snack bribery daily. Pick your battles, I say! I did smile when I pictured you guys zooming through at a pace so the peace was kept. SO know where you're coming from.

Sonia said...

Hee hee..I think we can all relate to the aisle G meltdown, which is exactly why I haven't gone this year. Either I go kid free or I don't go at all. You are a brave woman!

sam lamb said...

Oops - was it that time of year already? I guess I missed it. And I totally keep forgetting to tell you about the herringbone runner, which is a very subtle herringbone, but there nonetheless. It's from my local Home Hardware at St. Clair and Vaughan and it's the best I found!

Karen MEG said...

Oh, what a great buy! I haven't been to the one of a kind since G was about 1. I wouldn't even try with her now.
And the bribing around these parts ... well, let's just say I've been there more than a few times!