Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay- I confess.
I'm a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan.
As it turns out, so are a bunch of ladies I worked with this summer.
All we could talk about each week was "Twitch, or Karington or Twitchington"
"like oh.mg-d did you like see that like routine last night?!!! it was so buck!!"
So when it ended for the season we decided to try to get some tickets to see the show live.
Big daddy pulled through and got us 5 tickets- even though the show sold out within minutes.
Who knew?
So I finally had a fun girls night out.
LONG overdue.
Why don't I do that more often?
We went for drinks and dinner before hand, then walked over to the ACC.
Such a large venue for a dance show.
I can't remember the last time I was at a huge organized public event.
The Shaw Festival doesn't really count.
We ended up pulling a few strings and got upgraded to the private lounge, and sipped wine while squealing like 16 year old school girls.
SO fun.
I will say that it was near impossible to actually see the dancers, even on the large screens.
And Cat Deeley wasn't there, just her pre-recorded voice.
And it was pretty much a recap of all the best routines from the show.
Nothing new for the live show at all.
Kinda pathetic, especially considering the tickets were $60 ea.
But whatever, it was a hoot.
So when the Canadian So You Think You can Dance show started this fall, I was skeptical.
I thought for sure it would be as pathetic as our version of American Idol.
So embarrassingly lame.
But it's not- I love it.
I might even go as far as to say I think it might even be better than the original US version.
AND we don't have to deal with Mary Murphy screaming every 5 minutes.
I always have to keep my finger on the volume button for fear of being banned from watching while Big daddy is in the same room.
So who knows, maybe I'll try to get tickets to see the show live at CTV.
It's so great to be able to do girly things from time to time.
Even if they are things that I don't openly admit to doing.
errr dance is considered an art right?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing night!!

Mac and Cheese said...

I'm glad you had a great night out, but DON'T BE PUTTIN' THE HURT ON CANADIAN IDOL!!!!

Sonia said...

Lucky you!! DH and I LOVE the show and yeah, I totally agree with you. The Canadian version is awesome!! I'm not sure I'm loving all the judges, but the dancing has been spectacular so far.