Wednesday, October 01, 2008

pickle time

It might be too late to pick up this issue of Canadian Family Magazine (I think it was last month) but it's not too late to make pickles.
We shot this last year and Lulu had so much fun.
A fun super easy thing to do with kids and doesn't cost a fortune.
It really teaches them about food, where it comes from and what we can do to it to make taste delicious.

Since I'm in self promotion mode....if you didn't catch the season premier of The Style Department on HGTV last night it's on again today @ 3:30 and Saturday @ 10 a.m.
I think the room looked great and I guess I didn't come off looking too terrible (as I had originally feared)
Let me know whatcha think.
For fun pickle recipes check out the canadian family magazine website.
what's not to love about pickles?


Ms. Porter said...

I PVR'd it and plan to curl up on the couch tonight with my boy (the dog) and watch it!!! Can't wait. It will kinda be like meeting you except...well, not so much huh???? Either way, I'm so glad you gave some notice so I do have the chance to watch the show!

amanda said...

Oh seriously, I wish I could get that show here!!

Anonymous said...

Saw it and loved it. You looked great!
I want your job hehehe

Ms. Porter said...

pvr'd the wrong have to wait until sat....bummer.

indigo herself said...

pickles. they are part of the fabric of my childhood and identity. ukranian babka making them from scratch, my best friend gave a speech about them in grade school. would love to see your show sometime. good luck!

Sonia said...

Cool! I'm going to watch it tomorrow morning. Thanks for letting us know.


Ms. Porter said...

watched it tonight with a nice hot cup of chai tea! you definitely didn't 'come off looking too terrible' in fact, you were fabulous! i loved the room, your fabric choices were exactly my taste...exactly what i want to redo my bedroom in.
ps-lulu looks so much like you, wow! no wonder she's so darn cute, her mama is!

petite gourmand said...

awe shucks....thanks ms.p
it was a lot of fun shooting the show and I was relieved that it turned out well.
let's just hope the other 5 episodes I'm on are not too embarassing..

mmmm chai tea- my fav btw.

sam lamb said...

The article looks great - even in small pics the styling looks fantastic, as does Lulu!

And thanks for letting us know which show it is - seeing that I work at HGTV, screening the episodes shouldn't be too hard!