Thursday, March 12, 2009

because everyone needs a good laugh

Recently I decided to go on a bit of a hiatus from watching anything too serious or depressing on television.
Well with the exception of the season finale to E.R. tonight.
I mean George Clooney folks? who can resist?
But other than that, I've been abstaining from the news or anything else too heavy.
Enough about the economy already!!
So as an alternative, I find myself watching the Comedy channel a lot these days.
A few weeks ago I came upon this.
And laughed my ass off.
This guy is so funny.
He definitely has a way of saying what I think many of us are thinking (but could never imagine blurting out in front of a live audience)
Speaking of which, I'd love to go and see some live comedy- something I haven't done in ages.
Then again, I guess I get plenty of chuckles around here at Casa Petitegourmand each day with Lulu coming up with some pretty funny one liners.
And sometimes if I'm really lucky she'll break out into a little physical comedy act by finding one of my bras, putting it on her head and dancing around singing a silly song that she made up called "I'm wearing mommy's boobie caps...lala llaaa laa la!!!"
Now that my friends, is pretty damned funny.
That is until she decides to share her act the next time we have a dinner party.
Oh how could I forget her favourite joke (which I'm pretty sure I've heard somewhere in the neighbourhood of 176 times)
Why did the jellybean go to school?
He wanted to become a smartie.
Or hey Mommy lets play that rhyming game?
okay sweetie, sounds fun.

Lulu "me"
me "luck"
Lulu "fuck" said with a smirk.

okie I guess she really is a true comedian.

Now THAT is some good comedy non?
Who needs cable?


Karen MEG said...

Boobie caps, really? How hilarious!
That video was such a hoot, as my little one is STILL such a challenge to feed. I'm the one over the sink with her mac & cheese.
This is the 2nd video I've seen of that comic this week - he's great. Have you caught his
"Everything's amazing, nobody's happy" clip on Conan? Priceless and so very true.

I don't even know the last time I saw a live comedy act either.. I should visit the comedy channel more often.

Mac and Cheese said...

You ought to web cast her for the rest of us who need a good laugh. I bury my head in the sand when it comes to the daily news as well.

Ms. Porter said...

Thank you for the laughs tonight! Love Lulu's jokes too! haa!

Lisa b said...

she does not?!?!


Dammit why didn't you tell me about Clooney YESTERDAY??!!

crazymumma said...

I WAS going to name my dog Puck. But after careful consideration I realized i would be screaming his name loudly, and repeatedly in public places.

as would my children.

the room for misenterpretation was too great.

amanda said...

Boobie caps... too funny! And that guy is so damn funny... I love the part about the vacation when you stick them in the car! ahaha!! I swear. I can SO relate to that.