Monday, March 30, 2009

dream weaver

I love a good dream.
I especially love when I can actually recall what I dreamt about in the first place.
Every morning without fail Lulu comes bouncing into our room around 6:45, climbs into bed with us and without taking a breath proceeds to tell me what her dreams were about.
Or if I'm really lucky-before my eyes are even open, asks me what I dreamt about-or more accurately- was currently dreaming about.
She has some real doosies let me tell you.
I have to admit, sometimes they kind of freak me out.
last night she dreamt that "big daddy's hand was all red....I think he cut it with a knife"
is that normal for a 3 year old?
Shouldn't she be dreaming about things like fairies, kittens and cotton candy at this age?
But in all fairness, maybe I put the fear of god into her when she reached up into the kitchen knife drawer a few weeks ago and I kind of told her that if she did that again, that she could cut her fingers off.
I was just trying to be affective.
It is filled with a dozen or so very sharp Globals after-all.
Sometimes a little drama goes along way...

A few weeks ago (st. Patrick's day) I had a dream about an old high school friend's dad.
His name being Patrick.
I haven't thought about or seen him in years.
But for some reason he popped into my subconscious.
I just found out the other day that he had passed away.
I find it so strange that he would have appeared in my thoughts out of the blue like that...shudder...

Last night I dreamt about some friends I haven't seen in over 15 years.
I dreamt that they had a dog kennel with hundreds of dogs.
last time I saw them, they had one very sweet Black Lab named Ryker, so I have no idea what that was all about.
I hope Ryker is okay.
But now I'm wondering why, after all these years would they just pop into my dreams?
should I look them up and find out what's up?
But they weren't really good friends, so maybe that would be strange.
"Hi Maryanne & Neil, it's me thepetitegourmand...I know we haven't spoken in over 15 years, but I was just's your dog?"
Okay that would be weird.

Anyhow It's got me thinking.
What are dreams exactly?
and what do they really mean?
and that I am just SO SO happy that I have re-entered the point in my life that I am able to sleep long enough to have lots of deep dreams.

Now if I could just conjure up a little "dream" about oh say...maybe Ewan McGregor, Robert Pattinson or the new very hot fitness instructor at my gym (but that's a whole other post)
Now those would be some dreams worth remembering.


Lynn said...

Ewan McGregor is on my laminated list. He's so dreamy :).

Mac and Cheese said...

That's cool that she can articulate her dreams to you. I often wonder if dreams are what Pumpkin is always prattling on about, but she doesn't make the distinction between them and real life.

I recently had a sex dream about Zac Efron. Was that wrong?

Sarah said...

That is funny....and you know, Facebook is always good for researching a recent dream, or more specifically, the people in them. :)
LuLu's dreams seem normal to me - Lucy is always having strange ones to me.

amanda said...

I've been having some crazy ones these days... and it's funny that Sarah brought up facebook. Ever since I signed up, I've been having dreams about high school.

Have you ever looked up the meaning of certain dreams? I love that stuff. I always have the teeth falling out one. And the one where I try to scream and I can't. Now, what does that mean again?

Ewan McGregor, huh? I wouldn't mind a dream with George Clooney.

Karen MEG said...

I love Ewan too.

My dream last night? I was on my way to a party and somehow ended up at CTV studios partying it up with Dave Devall, the retiring CTV weather guy... huh????

First of all, what are the chances of me being on my way to a party these days (yes, only in a dream)... and I guess he's been everywhere these last few days LOL!

Karen MEG said...

I forgot to mention that I've tagged you for Catherine's "motherhood around the world" meme...