Monday, May 25, 2009

I love Mondays

Well it's a new day/week and I'm feeling much better than the other day.
I had a major case of Bitchyitius and I guess I had the need to vent.
Blogs are such a fun place to unload.
Monday's are the new Friday around our house these days.
I love Mondays.
Back to " The Routine"
G-d love "The Routine".
We strayed a bit from the routine last week and I think that could have been part of the reason Lulu was getting up so early.
The later we let her stay up, the earlier she gets up and also the grumpier she gets.
So much for trying to ease up a bit and being more spontaneous.
ah well- we tried.
We went to some friends for dinner on Saturday night and they thought it would be fun if Lulu tried to sleep over with their daughter, so that we could stay later and have some more grown up time.
Their daughter can crash out anywhere- anytime.
Lulu not so much.
She is a creature of habit and I didn't think it would happen- but I thought we should try to go with the flow and give it a whoorl.
Kids are adaptable right?
Sure enough Lulu wouldn't go to sleep and was keeping their poor little girl up waaaay past her bed time.
They were both exhausted.
I kept saying- we really should go and get Lulu home to bed- but I felt kind of pressured to stay and let her eventually fall asleep. (which I so knew wasn't going to happen)
By 10 o'clock I knew it wasn't meant to be.
Plus I was kind of ready to go myself by that point.
We eventually left after some more pressure (I felt like such a stick in the mud)
But she passed out within minutes of leaving in her stroller (they live in the neighbourhood)
so we at least got to go for a nice long walk around the neighbourhood past 10 p.m. which was kind of nice.
Haven't done that in ages.
Anyhow my point is that I know my daughter.
I should have just stuck to my guns and said we should get going at around 8-9 and left it at that.
Even that would have been past her usual bed time- but not so late that she would be over-tired.
and we all know what happens when your kids get "over-tired".
She was a write off all day yesterday and I feel kind of responsible (and a bit annoyed at myself)
So last night it was an early bedtime (7:30) and she slept for 12 straight hours.
7:30 a.m. she came quietly into our room and was a different child.
I know it's okay to occasionally break the routine- especially during the warm summer months, but a good nights sleep is crucial for everyone in the family.
Especially me.
So here's to a new week- and nice long 12 hour sleep marathons.


Lynn said...

I could not agree with you more. Sometimes we get pressured by relatives to be more casual about the kids' bedtimes, to let them stay up because, "They'll sleep in the next day," but no. They need their schedule or else the whole shebang falls apart.

I'm so glad to hear that Lulu is back on track!

kgirl said...

It's so true. I'm not a huge crazy person when it comes to schedules, but I totally notice when things are out of whack for more than a day or so. Glad to hear that everybody is nice and rested again.

Mac and Cheese said...

Oh I know THAT pressure. The one where others don't get your kid and insist on doing things their way. I kind of like when things go very bad, just so I can say, 'I told you so'.

Ali said...

there is definitely something I love about getting back into routines on mondays....although with routine comes the dreaded HOMEWORK!haha.

Ms. Porter said...

I totally agree with you. I know the 'pressure' you are talking about because I get it all the much so that now I dig my heels in the mud and don't budge on the girl's bedtime (with certain people who are the ones who don't let up with the pressure). Who pays the price the next day??? The parents!
BTW, I love this picture so much...and that room? Gorgeous...your recipes and taste in fashion and decorating OMG???

Sarah said...

This is very timely, as I have been getting pressured to have Lucy do her first overnight and I am not convinced she is completely ready for it. LuLu sounds so similar....props to you for trying it but good final call, mama. :)