Thursday, January 21, 2010

all dressed up and nowhere to go

So tonight we were invited to a swanky 40th birthday party.
I was really looking forward to a night out with big daddy as he was away last week and we haven't had a chance to get dressed up and spend a night on the town in a while.
My parents offered to come into town to babysit Lulu- I asked if they were sure- because I could always just book someone in the neighbourhood.
They said no- they really wanted to spend time with her.
I booked them over 3 weeks ago btw.
Unfortunately they both have colds and cancelled on me a few hours before the party.
So I basically call everyone I know sending out an S.O.S. and came up empty handed.
Is there a nanny convention in town or something?
who knew it would be so difficult to get a babysitter? geez.
I was pretty bummed since it would be me bowing out of the party rather than big daddy- since it's really more his friend's birthday.
double bummer as I actually got a new outfit for the occasion-which I never do.
At least not in the past few years.
Formal nights out have been far and few between since I entered mama land.
So I put my new fancy frock back in the closet for another day..sniff sniff...
Put on my favourite six year old black velvet Old Navy track suit, poured myself a glass of wine (or two or three) , got a bag of skinny sticks from the cupboard and decided to watch a "quality" chick flick.
He's Not That Into You.
Totally corny- but just what I needed.
Well that and about half a bag of 2 bite brownies.
and ohmygosh I think I have a crush on Bradley Cooper now-are those contacts? or are his eyes really that blue?

Who needs a fancy glamorous soiree to have a good time anyhow??


...and so on it goes said...

Sorry to hear that your night was a bit of a bust :-(

Wish I knew some Babysitters in your area... want me to ask around?

Gabriella said...

Have you seen The Hangover yet? Bradley's in it and couple of scenes, okay a lot of scenes were he looks hot!

Too bad we didn't live nearby, would've gladly babysat for you.

Cheryl said...

Too bad about your evening! There is nothing like being disappointed at last minute. Hope another big event comes up soon.

Betsy Mae said...

awww bummer! i hate when that happens, although there have been nights when i've wished that happened so i could stay home and drink wine, watch a chick flick, and enjoy some snackies, all cozy in my jammies. sigh. i have no idea who bradley cooper is..going to google him.

btw, i would LOVE some tips, i think we will stay 'there' at least that is the plan unless we are convinced to stay somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Next time you need a sitter let me know, b/c I know a few you could call...


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天兵 said...

^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!.........................