Wednesday, January 06, 2010

is it dry in here?

As luck should have it our dryer broke down over the holidays.
I've been waiting for this to happen since we moved into the house actually.
One of the agreements we had to sign when we bought the house was some clause about appliances that could potentially break down soon after we took possession of the house.
What are ya gonna do when you're in a bidding war with five other couples.
Okkie-dokkie- where do we sign?
So we assumed the washer & dryer were on their last legs and we would most likely have to replace them soon after moving in.
That was 6 years ago.
I can't say that I'm sad to say good-buy though.
I swear it was the most annoyingly loud dryer in the world- the timer buzzer could seriously wake the dead- it was that loud.
Every time, even after 6 years, it would make me jump when I heard it go off- and there was no way of turning it off.
I felt like Pavlov's dog.
Super annoying when putting a load in before bed- then being woken at around 3 a.m. thinking the fire alarm is going off.
Anyhow good riddance.
So for the past couple of weeks we've been hanging at the local laundromat.
We- as in big daddy & Lulu- that's considered a holiday outing isn't it?
I wash- he schlepped to the dryers to dry.
I'd say that's fair right?
Bonus that it all happened during the boxing week blow out sales- so our brand new front loading LG w&d was almost 50% off.
They are being delivered as I write this- I can't bare to watch as the delivery guys are hacking up the walls and getting slushy snow all over the place.
It's a sad state of affairs when I find myself getting excited over home appliances.


Mac and Cheese said...

Sounds fair to me!

Betsy Mae said...

New appliances (fridge/stove/dishwasher) would probably make me happier than jewellery!

kittenpie said...

Y'know, I love the new wash & dry we got when we moved into our house but DAMN I wish they had had steam settings on them at that point. Lucky you to have capability!

Anonymous said...


Karen MEG said...

Don't worry, you're not alone.

I did the happy dance when we had our front-loading WP's delivered. Awesome.

Happy 2010!

Mamalooper said...

The good thing about laundromats is that you can get it all done at once.

My fave laundromat is the Sit n' Spin in Seattle - do your laundry and then listen to live indie music while having a microbrew. So v. PNW! (Pacific NorthWest).