Thursday, February 11, 2010

happy 60th

My mom turned sixty this week.
Most people say wow that's so young!
and that's true- it is pretty young compared to most of my friends parents.
we are exactly 20 years apart.
She was already an empty nester by the time she was the age I am now.
But I feel very lucky that we are so close in age.
I can't believe she is sixty though.
to me she looks maybe 50.
She is one of those energetic young at heart people that everyone loves.
I hope I'll be so lucky in 20 years.
anyhow, it was really nice to host a special family birthday dinner here at our place.
Nothing too big- just family and her two grand daughters.
she was thrilled.

I made a nice dinner that I think she appreciated.
everything turned out perfect.

Mom's 60th birthday dinner

Pol Roget 1999 extra cuvee de reserve

Rillettes De Canard Foie Gras on mini Crostini

Shaved fennel, radish & Owensound fresh smoked Trout Salad

Heirloom golden, candy cane & ruby red beet & blood Orange salad with organic greens and Pallot de Chevre Cheese with a
Champagne vinaigrette

Beef tenderloin with fresh Oregano & Thyme with a roasted garlic & horseradish aioli

Sweet potato Rosti

Paulines famous Death by Chocolate birthday cake

happy birthday mom
xoxo pg
not that you know about this blog- but still.
love you xoxo

oh and c & d- if you are reading this thanks for the bubbly- we were waiting for a special occasion to pop the cork- and this was it.
so lovely and worth the wait.


kurrabikid said...

That sounds absolutely delicious!! And how beautiful was that table? My mum turned 60 in July and we threw her a big surprise party in my brother's shearing shed. It's nice having a 'young' mum. Like you, I marvel at the fact that when Mum was my age I (the eldest) was 14 - my eldest is 4. How times change! Still, my mum envies the travelling and fun I had in my 20s. Perhaps it's all swings and roundabouts in the end...

Betsy Mae said...

Happy Birthday PG's Mom! You certainly must be a beautiful lady because two generations after you are gorgeous!!!!

Your menu sounds awesome. Yum.

My Mom is a young one too. She and my Dad me, married, and had kids young and I think it was difficult in some regard but now they are free and still have their youth (relatively) and health to do as they please.

Mommy Jo said...

What? Your mom doesn't know you blog? Or she does but she doesn't know the name of your blog? Oh! so curious!i

petite gourmand said...

mommy jo- no one is my family knows about this blog (I think)
I may have mentioned to my mom that I write on a blog- but never told her the name of it.
Unfortunately big daddy once told one of his brothers about it- so I have no idea if his side of the family reads it or not (I hope not)
but who knows??

Jen Woods said...

Hi PG, Lovely posts. Do you have an email address where I could reach you to discuss a possible opportunity with Mom Central Canada? Thanks.