Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

I've always considered myself to be kind of a go-with-the-flow kinda gal.
I love spontaneity- and not really having plans that are set in stone.
That is until recently.
I'm finding that the older Lulu gets- the more I feel I need to plan and book things.
Otherwise you never end up getting anything accomplished. (or seeing any of your friends)
The week is pretty structured for both of us- I love our routine and don't really like to stray too far from it if possible.
The weekend is a different story.
We usually wait until the day to see how we are feeling.
I love to embrace our time together as a family and try to do fun things around town while Lulu is still young enough that she actually wants to hang out with us on the weekend.
I try to avoid spending too much time at home- after-all that's what Monday thru Friday is for.
Plus truth be told- staying inside all weekend makes me go buggy.
well that, and guess who ends up being the personal chef and maid all weekend?
On the other end of the spectrum, Big daddy LOVES to stay home.
He's usually pretty "peopled out" by the time Friday rolls around not to mention that he is a complete home body.
I totally get that, but the days of lounging around the house reading the New York Times in bed are over around here dude.
At least for the time being.
So this weekend I took it upon myself to have a well thought out "itinerary" so to speak.
I figured a few outings, balanced with some quality time at home would be a good compromise for everyone.
We started the weekend off with a babysitter and went out for dinner.
I booked the sitter weeks ago- but didn't make reservations anywhere- I figured I would wait to see what big daddy was in the mood for after a very long, stressful week at work.
But after driving all over the city trying to feel some restaurant mojo- we ended up at our local sushi joint.
Funny enough the spontaneous driving around the city without a little person in the back seat asking a question a minute was the highlight of our date night.
That and you've got to love heated seats...
we were home in time to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics- which I thought was fantastic.
Anyone else watch it?
Saturday we went to Harbourfront for the Kuumba (Black History Month) festival.
Lulu watched some live Krumping (though she wasn't a fan of the heavy base but she liked the moves) and did some crafts up in Miss Lou's room.
We bumped into one of Lulu's little friends from her ballet class and ended up hanging with her and her family for the afternoon.
They just moved to Canada from The Netherlands and were so interesting and fun to chat with.
Bonus that Lulu was thrilled to be with a friend from dance class and bonus that we ended up hitting it off so well with this family who lives down the street from us.
Totally spontaneous hook up- but really made our day.
We were originally supposed to go out for dinner with friends and share a babysitter- but the 9:30 dinner reservation kind of felt too late to eat- and neither of us really felt like going out for dinner two nights in a row.
wow we are getting old....
Instead we decided to have a cheese fondue for dinner- took me two years to open the box (christmas gift from my folks) wasn't a huge fan of the cheese recipe- maybe a broth fondue is the way to go instead.
Sunday we went to Niagara Falls- it was Lulu's first time seeing them.
I had this romantic notion that it would be an experience to remember.
Unfortunately the only thing I'll remember about it, was the fact that Lulu dropped her mitten over the railing into the falls.
And then the tears ensued and she was pretty much tramatized about it for the rest of the day.
Poor little thing.
I kept telling her we can always get another mitten- and I'm just glad it was only the mitt that went over the falls and not her!
(a wee bit too close to the edge I'd say- um big daddy...grrr... )
We did however salvage the day by meeting up with some friends for a nice (short- see above re: one mitten) hike in the woods over looking the Niagara Escarpment.
Spontaneous visit with friends is always good. (hi R)
we squeezed in one last visit with my brother and niece before they move out East.
We still managed to make it home in time to whip up a bit of beef with broccoli & black bean sauce for Chinese new Year.
Monday big daddy got his wish and stayed at home all day.
Me, I was out the door at 9 a.m. hit the gym and rounded up a few of Lulu's friends in the afternoon and took them to the park.
(my valentines day present to big daddy) xoxo who loves ya big d?
anyhow long winded blog- but that's kind of how the weekend felt for me.
Long and a bit winded.
I tried to plan things- but in the end, the best parts of the weekend was all the things that I didn't plan.
How about you- how was your weekend?
spontaneously unromantic like mine?


...and so on it goes said...

Hey pg,

what's up with your bro?

Betsy Mae said...

Our weekend involved fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea. I'd say pretty spontaneously unromantic...but not like yours!

Mommy Jo said...

I'm so impressed w/ the cookies!!

Mac and Cheese said...

I can hook you up with my favourite fondu recipe of you want to give it another whirl