Sunday, March 28, 2010

gone daddy gone

Big daddy gets back today after being away for 3 out of the 4 weeks of March.
We survived.
Things really aren't that different when he's not here as far as looking after Lulu- but I must say, it will be nice to have him home.
I really have a whole new appreciation for all the single parents out there that's for sure.
Lulu could barely contain herself this morning she is so excited to see her daddy.
Welcome home big d.
and good timing as it's garbage day tomorrow- yay! ;

“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad”

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

chatty cathy

who came up with the phrase "the gift of gab" anyhow?
I'm not sure it's really a gift and maybe more of a curse.
Both big daddy & I are not what you would describe as the quiet or reserved type.
Both of us like a good conversation- most often initiated by us.
I've often been described as a bit "chatty" by teachers growing up or "bubbly"-same goes for big D.
I come by my...shall we say..verbal "skills" naturally.
In fact I'm one of the more quiet ones in my family by comparison.
My mother and aunts could talk anyone under the table.
Actually my Uncles are never short on things to talk about either.
I have one crazy Uncle that I have actually fallen asleep on the phone with while he was still gabbing away.
And lets not even mention the grand dame herself- my Nan.
She never comes up short in the story telling department.
Maybe it's an east coast/ Irish thing?
What ever it is, there was rarely a quiet moment in our house growing up.
Oh how history repeats itself.

Needless to say- Lulu has inherited the chatty gene and LOVES to talk.
and talk...and talk....
not that what she is saying isn't cute and "interesting" but geez....some days it can be so relentless.
"momma why is the sky blue?"
"is your favourite colour blue?"
"how do you make different colours?"
Why do birds have feathers?"
"why do they build nests?"
"how do they find the way down south in the winter?"
"can I have chocolate for breakfast?"
"did you have a good sleep?"
"are you awake?"
"what does year of the rooster mean?"
"can I have chocolate for breakfast?"
"wanna play pet shops?"
"mr. huggy face the panda wants breakfast"
"he loves to take baths and eats eucalyptus"
"is it spring yet?"
"why do we have different seasons?"
" I want to go to easter Island on easter when I'm older"
"in Calgary they speak the same language as us but with no accent- or a little accent. right?"
"wanna hear about my dreams?"
"do you remember your dreams?"
"wanna play beauty salon?"
"can I have chocolate for breakfast?"
all this within the first 60 seconds of me waking up.

So I can't really fault her for talking all the time- it's in her blood.
and I suppose it isn't always a bad thing.
some advantages of being talkative are:
Usually have something to say in awkward situations and often puts people at ease.
it feels good to be able to be an icebreaker.
Feels great to make people laugh.
It also feels good getting things out of your head and into the universe (kind of like this blog)
People like when you ask questions about themselves and to draw them out a bit.
Who doesn't love a good story teller?

But the disadvantages are:
That you can drive people crazy if you don't take a breath in between sentences.
It can be annoying to others.
Story telling is good as long as you don't end up becoming a me me me person, always talking about yourself.
(Lately I feel guilty of becoming this way and am making a concerted effort not to)
It can be distracting in certain situations. (especially while driving in traffic- ahem...)
Quiet time is essential to the soul- and you don't always have to have your tongue wagging.
Nothing wrong with silence from time to time.
Crickets deserve a chance to be heard too.

So Lulu if you read this some day, remember, it's okay to not talk all the time.
Regardless of how loquaciously long winded all your crazy (said in loving way) relatives are.
and remember the mantra- shhhhhhhhhh.......from time to time.

Talkative youngsters tended to show interest in intellectual matters, speak fluently, try to control situations, and exhibit a high degree of intelligence as adults. Children who rated low in verbal fluency were observed as adults to seek advice, give up when faced with obstacles, and exhibit an awkward interpersonal style.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

daylight staying up time

I am so out of sorts these past few days.
for the past few nights I could barely keep my eyes open past 9 p.m. and tonight I am completely wired and unable to fall asleep.
Not sure what's up with my internal clock- but I'm finding it a bit frustrating.
I love my 7-8 hours per night and I'm not happy when anything messes with it.
I can't imagine suffering from insomnia all the time- I think I would go crazy.
So instead of tossing & turning I've decided to write down what's on my mind and purge all the to-do's swirling around in my head.
Or not.
I'm too tired to bother.
Maybe it's the daylight savings time?
Or maybe it's my wonderfully considerate husband who stays up much later than me, and when he comes "creeping" (like a herd of elephants) down the hall into our room and gets into bed, immediately starts snoring loud enough to shake the pictures from the walls?
Or maybe it was that green tea I had at 5 p.m.?
Anyhow, hopefully after writing this bunch of nonsense, eating a banana and saying a silent prayer to the sleep gods-I'll be entering the land of nod soon.
night night...

Monday, March 01, 2010

breaking bread

One of my new year's resolutions was to entertain more.
Have people over more often for casual meals rather than long drawn out gastronomic productions
(not that I really ever did that too too often)
Now that we have Lulu and most of our friends have kids- I'm finding that one of the easiest and best ways to actually see our friends and catch up is to have them over for a weekend brunch.
The food options are simple and family friendly, the kids are usually not over tired and grumpy and tend to play better and it's not an entire day of prepping and cleaning up afterwards.
Which equals fun for me.
We usually have people over from 11- 3ish and you still get to have a nice quiet evening to just chill out. (as do they)
Win win.
I love to cook- don't get me wrong.
But sometimes after a long week, having an impromptu brunch with friends is my idea of a low maintence yet social weekend.
Some of my favourite brunch menus are

Fresh Montreal wood smoked Bagels with a bunch of different options.
smoked salmon & cream cheese, smoked turkey and sliced cucumbers, egg salad and even chopped liver.
I usually have a fruit or vegetable salad as well.
easy fast and always delicious.

Homemade Belgium waffles with mascarpone whipped cheese.
Big bowl of fresh fruit- usually berries and kiwi.
a big platter of barbecued cumbreas breakfast sausage.
a family favourite (we had it this weekend with friends)

Store bought (excellent local bakery) quiche
or these.
a slow cooked ham
green salad
and a fabulous lemon bundt cake.
so so good.

a bit of bubbly and O.J. is also a bonus about having friends for brunch.
Not that I usually drink during the day- but I must say- there's something to be said for a little day time buzz with kids running around.
Makes things that much more...shall we say...tolerable?

So I'm glad I've decided to lighten up a bit and not plan out all kinds of fancyschmancy dinner parties.
Not that I don't love doing that from time to time, I'm just loving a more casual style of entertaining these days.
what are your favourite menus to cook for friends?

and oh lord is this blog starting to sound a wee bit too betty-crockerish?
or is it just me?
next post will be about my wild and crazy sex life.

or not.