Monday, March 01, 2010

breaking bread

One of my new year's resolutions was to entertain more.
Have people over more often for casual meals rather than long drawn out gastronomic productions
(not that I really ever did that too too often)
Now that we have Lulu and most of our friends have kids- I'm finding that one of the easiest and best ways to actually see our friends and catch up is to have them over for a weekend brunch.
The food options are simple and family friendly, the kids are usually not over tired and grumpy and tend to play better and it's not an entire day of prepping and cleaning up afterwards.
Which equals fun for me.
We usually have people over from 11- 3ish and you still get to have a nice quiet evening to just chill out. (as do they)
Win win.
I love to cook- don't get me wrong.
But sometimes after a long week, having an impromptu brunch with friends is my idea of a low maintence yet social weekend.
Some of my favourite brunch menus are

Fresh Montreal wood smoked Bagels with a bunch of different options.
smoked salmon & cream cheese, smoked turkey and sliced cucumbers, egg salad and even chopped liver.
I usually have a fruit or vegetable salad as well.
easy fast and always delicious.

Homemade Belgium waffles with mascarpone whipped cheese.
Big bowl of fresh fruit- usually berries and kiwi.
a big platter of barbecued cumbreas breakfast sausage.
a family favourite (we had it this weekend with friends)

Store bought (excellent local bakery) quiche
or these.
a slow cooked ham
green salad
and a fabulous lemon bundt cake.
so so good.

a bit of bubbly and O.J. is also a bonus about having friends for brunch.
Not that I usually drink during the day- but I must say- there's something to be said for a little day time buzz with kids running around.
Makes things that much more...shall we say...tolerable?

So I'm glad I've decided to lighten up a bit and not plan out all kinds of fancyschmancy dinner parties.
Not that I don't love doing that from time to time, I'm just loving a more casual style of entertaining these days.
what are your favourite menus to cook for friends?

and oh lord is this blog starting to sound a wee bit too betty-crockerish?
or is it just me?
next post will be about my wild and crazy sex life.

or not.


Betsy Mae said...

Sounds like you are still making amazing meals over there!!! Wow!

I haven't had friends for dinner in a long time! I'm still doing family stuff and we've hosted some parties but no meals recently! That said, I plan on making soup and sandwhiches (actually, sandwiches made on baguettes that my guests can cut themselves...sound familiar, you suggested that once to me!), a salad or two and some fresh fruit/raw veggies. Simple, make ahead, serve yourself, kid friendly and delicious!

PS-I don't mind Betty Crockerish and I'll take crazy sex life too! Your blog is always great.

Mac and Cheese said...

You're still being a little ambitious for me, although your brunch sounds delicious! We only order in when it comes to entertaining. Anything with delivery service is fair game.

Looking forward to your next post about your sex life though.

Mamalooper said...

I remember preparing for days for the fancy-schmancy dinner parties. Not so much now!

Nothing like getting together for a quick bite and some good conversation...

Sonia said...

Entertaining since having children? What is that?

Not much to say..waiting eagerly for your next post.


sam lamb said...

mmmm, i'm hungry. brunch is a perfect compromise and you don't have to leave the house.

and in my very un-cool world, i think betty crocker is pretty cool. so no complaints from me, but i sure am coming back to see that next post!