Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For the Love of Blog

Lately I've been asking myself why continue blogging?
When I started this blog over 5 years ago, (wow time really flies when you are rambling on about yourself) the blogging community was all so new and exciting.
These days everyone and not only their mother, but even their grandmothers have blogs.
The blogs I used to turn to for my daily fix of unabashed honesty and most often comedy, have become a ghost of what they once were.
No longer anonymous, most of the blogs I used to frequent are so candy coated and self censoring that I find them not worth the read.

I miss the old days, all that honesty and self deprecation, not to mention the outlets for ranting about the ups and often downs of domestic life.
Now when I read the majority of blogs, it seems as though everyone is ultra happy effortlessly juggling careers, motherhood and relationships.
They all seem to be growing their own vegetables, sewing their kids clothes by hand, redecorating their house seasonally (if not weekly in some extreme cases) shopping for fabulous- yet never mainstream (g-d forbid) fashionable clothes, hunting for hard to find vintage fabric and antiques and baking delicious organic food from scratch everyday.
Yet they still seem to find the time to read amazing literature, take fabulous trips and lest I forget, having the time to document it all on their amazingly stylish blogs.

Don't get me wrong, I admire and am inspired by some of these blogs.
But reading them can really make a gal feel like a major underachiever.
I'm no slouch, in fact I'm a pretty go go go kind of person, and try my best to be slightly above mediocre at the best of times;
So I just can't fathom how some of these, most often women, seem to have lives like this.
Or do they really?
Is it all a big facade?
And more importantly, when do they find the time to watch quality shows like The Bachelor, Top Chef and Hoarders?

Anyhow, what I'm getting at is, I still like blogging.
I have yet to change my template or the look of my blog.
I'm a creature of habit, what can I say?
I'm also aware that big daddy has spilled the beans and this blog is no longer as anonymous as it once was.
Hi Julie, I know you're lurking out there somewhere. Busted.
Not to mention almost every member of my gym.
I know, I know I haven't been since last Thursday, giving the old bod a bit of a break this week.
Be back soon I promise.
Nothing like being outed while half naked in the change room.
Yup, that's me The Petite Gourmand.
So much for anonymity.

I don't visit other blogs like I used to so I really don't get comments the way I once did.
That part I do kind of miss, to be honest.
But for those that do take the time to stop by and say hello, I am very grateful.
Truth be told I really don't have the time nor the inclination to put more energy into generating more "readers".
I don't really write for a specific audience.
I do it for me.
And to keep a bit of a journal on my (our) lives.
The good, the bad and the ugly.
Fortunately for us, it has been mostly good over the past few years.
I know that some day I will be very grateful that I did.
And I hope that when I look back, I can be proud that I kept things real.

Anyhow I better run, I have chicken to feed, a sweater to knit, a marathon to train for, a conference to attend, a fabulous party to plan, a Russian literature class to study for and oh I almost forgot, a band to form.
Since I just taught myself how to play the piano, harmonica and the banjo last week....


Erica said...


I've been reading your blog for a while. I love your sense of humour. I also wonder how some women can manage to cook organic food, sew their kids' clothes and attend fab parties, it does sound like a bit too much to accomplish. We had a baby girl in December and I only manage to get out of my PJs every other day...

Lynn said...

Loved this's so true. Everyone wants to be the Pioneer Woman these days, and I'm just as guilty - the very moment I do something remotely crafty, I have to blog about it. Partly because it's so rare, and partly because I thrive on the kudos.

It's so important to learn to blog (or write) for yourself, not for the hits, not for the fame. I think I'm getting there now but there were times of bitterness, that's for sure.

May I recommend some funny and honest blogs for you, if you get some time? There's Bibliomama (, Capital Mom (, and MeanOldMommy ( They're all genuine, hilarious, and they never do crafts :).

PS: Still no idea who you are in real life.

Tracy said...

yes! I have resigned myself to be happy at the end of the week (or in some cases month) and see that I have documented some of what is our day to day right now. still check in here. you always make me smile.

Mac and Cheese said...

Clearly, mine is not one of the blogs you've been reading lately. I make lazy people look productive!

Gabriella said...

it's def not all a bed of roses over here...especially now with a 3mth old...i look like a prime candidate for What not to Wear...

yeah those blogs to me seem so fake now...i mean it is all very inspiring but where do they find the time??

I still prefer the down to earth tell it like it is blogs...

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about blogging. I miss the way it was when I first got interested in them. Love yours still though!
Love Ms Betsy Mae Aka Porter

Betsy said...

I call it "blog p*rn."

Blogging is definitely not what it used to be. I have stopped reading so many of my old favourites, as they are all about product reviews, sponsored posts, etc. not to mention the self-censorship. The raw honesty that was once there is no longer.

You might be the exception.

petite gourmand said...

awe shucks...
thx betsy,
good to hear from you again and hope all is well.

and thanks too Lynn for the new links.
I needed that.
going to update my blog roll soon.
pg xo

karen said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog:) i guarantee a no polyanna policy over at my blog, and i tend to only read blogs that don't mention the word organic.
you should keep blogging - it's a great creative release, and think how fun it will be re-read when you're 80.

jen said...

What a refreshing post!! Nice to read something so candid. Thank you for sharing!