Monday, March 28, 2011

hide and go freeze

I really have been making a concerted effort to refrain from talking (aka-bitching) about the weather.
I'm trying to look on the bright side.
It's bright out.
Really bright.
Plenty-o sunshine.
But regardless of all that vitamin D, I'm still freezing my buns off.
I'm so tired of wearing my salt stained boots and big black puffy (mom uniform) coat.
Bring on the cloudy rainy days so I can crack out my hunters and black Lululemon rain (other mom uniform) coat.
I'll take it over this arctic nonsense.
How do they cope in Inuvik? or worse...Winnipeg?
Speaking of coats, I'm so glad that I got Lulu a full length winter coat this year.
It's so much easier to deal with than snow pants everyday.
But as cute as it looks on her, I have to say, I'm getting a bit tired of that too.
Fingers crossed that it warms up soon, as her one and only pair of winter boots are almost at their expiration date as well.
Crazy all the growing that these little creatures manage to do in one season.

So spring if you're listening..Come out come out where ever you are...


Tracy said...

I have to comment. Again :) I grew up nr Winnipeg. And as much as I miss home - SoCal weather has lured me in. There would be no going back...

Sonia said...

This weekend weather was pretty decent! I think the white stuff is gone for good. Fingers crossed anyways!