Saturday, April 02, 2011

the art of saying no.


Sonia said...

You are too nice PG.

We had 2 couples who were like that. After many years of meals/bbq's/pool parties at our place, we just decided to stop. It was very one sided (us giving all the time and them taking). Although we had fun, we eventually just put a end to it. We figured if they really wanted to get together, they could sometimes do the inviting. This was 3 years ago and other than me keeping in touch with the ladies, we have yet to be invited over for a meal. Sad, eh?

Mamalooper said...

Some people are givers and some people are takers and some are in between. I have had those times too when you stop giving and it's "crickets" or deafening silence. Better to have a few good friends/acquaintances where there is some equity than always being the one making the plans/asking them over/organizing.