Sunday, May 29, 2011

be in the moment

The other day Lulu & I were walking hand in hand down the street, and bunch of teenage girls walked past us.
Of course they were all wearing the ubiquitous SHORT shorts, tank tops with bra straps showing, long straightened hair, flip flops or moccasins, talking extra loud about who knows what and all in their own little teenage bubble.

I wistfully said to Lulu "one day you won't want to hold my hand in public and maybe you won't even want to hang out with me all the time...sniff sniff..."
She then said to me
"awe mommy, don't worry about tomorrow, just think about today and enjoy every minute of me while I'm six"
"besides, I would never wear shorts that short!"
not only is she profound, she's a mind reader as well.


Mac and Cheese said...

Now there is a child with an old soul. Beautiful.

Sonia said...

Smart girl you have there!