Saturday, June 04, 2011

lighten up

Spontaneity is really under rated.
I am sad to say that around these parts, it happens far too infrequently.
We tend to plan things in advance and rarely veer from the "schedule."
But summer is here, and it is short and it really needs to be embraced.

I am happy to report that lately I'm trying to change my control freak ways and just go with the flow.
Last week I think we were out every single night and Lulu stayed up several nights way past her usual 8 o'clock bedtime.
And you know what?
Everything was just fine.
No melt downs or any real attitude changes.
We had last minute BBq's- nothing fancy, no Martha Stewartesque recipes.
Just some frozen burgers, president's choice ribs and bagged coleslaw.
And surprise surprise, it was delicious.
Another night we were stopping by a neighbour's lemonade stand and it turned into a bit of a backyard pool party.
The kids were having so much fun (grown ups too) that we just let them play until it got dark out.
No harm done (minus my mild hangover from too many glasses of wine)

My point is we have all winter to deal with schedules, being on time, rushing from one thing to another.
I need to just remember to have fun this summer, not sorry so much about plans and goals and ultimately not be so up-tight.
Because if I'm completely honest, I do have a tendency to be a wee bit wound up when it comes to the daily grind.
Lulu is at an age now where she can cope if she's a bit tired.
If things don't go as planned each day, who cares?
Life is short and summer is even shorter.


Tracy said...

:) well said.

kurrabikid said...

A good lesson for me in there too, I think.

Mommy Jo said...

Hi there!
It's been awhile since I've left a comment. I am now working FT so time is slipping at even a faster speed than I imagined.
Hubby and I are heading in your neck of the woods come August for the Rogers Cup (Tennis). We are not sure if we should hotel it close to york university to save on time and transportation $, is there good shopping in that area? or should we stay closer to downtown to get more of the big city feel?
J - in K Town, BC