Wednesday, June 22, 2011

at last

Well summer finally arrived yesterday.
Though it has been summer-ish weather for a while now, at least now it's official.
I'm really looking forward to the end of school and having fun in the sun with my little barnacle.
Yes I said barnacle.
The girl has been stuck to me like glue these past few days.
Nothing really that new there actually, she follows me around from room to room like a little puppy most of the time.
Especially the second I go to the bathroom.
I thought they were supposed to out grow this.
What's up with that?
She is constantly chattering in my ear.
Never wanting to watch T.V.
G-d forbid.
Am I the only parent on the planet that begs their child to just watch a little bit of television each day?
Please? Pretty please?
Or to just hang out by herself and play.
Definitely one of the draw backs of having an only child.
No one to play with other than me.
I get that, and am doing my best (most days) to be sympathetic to this.
It's a constant struggle to remind myself that I should embrace this and that before I know it, she will want nothing to do with me.
Though I hope this never happens.
With the exception of when I'm in the bathroom.

I have a bunch of far more interesting things going on at the moment, and I just got my computer back after almost a week.
Oh how I missed you my sweet apple.
Hopefully I'll get the chance this summer to write about something other than just my little shadow.
speaking of which.

"Yes sweetie I'll be right there to play camping with you"
"sure I'll check and see if we have marshmallows"
At least it's not barbies.


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meanie said...

i used to BEG grace to watch t.v. just for a smidgen of a break. even at 9 i'm surprised how "into" me she is. i just keep telling myself i'll look back on these days fondly.......