Friday, February 16, 2007


I've been feeling incredibly lazy since we got back from our holiday.
After two full nights of uninterupted sleep (the first in what feels like two years) I still feel like going back to bed, pulling up the covers and hiding out for the day.
I'm attributing it to the weather.
It's cold and snowy outside and besides, aren't we supposed to feel like hibernating in the middle of February?
We are mammals after-all.
All I feel like doing these days is eating comfort food, drinking wine, lighting the fire and tucking in for the evening.
Oh yes..and watching copious amounts of television.
There goes that New Year's resolution (along with working out more often...err..or at all)
But the problem is I abhor laziness.
My lazy days are other peoples super productive days.
Today I felt so lethargic, but I still managed to clean both bathrooms, organize some kitchen cupboards (how much plastic takeout containers and Tupperware can one accumulate before you can't even close the cupboard doors anymore?), do four loads of laundry, swifer all the floors, have a friend and her baby over for tea, and of course it goes without saying, entertain Lulu all day.
Note to self: must find a good cleaning service- all this house work just doesn't jive with my feeling lazy days.
I'm one of these people who loves to "should" on themselves all the time.
At least that's what my therapist once told me.
"I should be doing this" or "I should be doing that"
I really need to stop "should-ing" on myself.
Kicking back, putting your feet up and doing nothing is perfectly fine occasionally.
But now that I'm a mother, this feels like a huge luxury.
I always feel like I "should" be doing something productive.
But tonight it's left over Chinese take-out (from last night-feeling lazy yesterday too)
and not my usual home cooked, sit down at the dining room table, Friday night dinner.
For me this is the ultimate in lazy decadence.
rice noodles with beef and black bean sauce
shrimp congee
fried turnip patties Singapore style
and my fav.
baby pak choy with garlic sauce
oh yes, and a glass or two of vineland estates pinot grigio.
So I'd better run and pop all that delicious chow into the microwave.
because I really "should" be sitting on my butt and sipping a glass of wine.
Being lazy is kinda nice from time to time.


metro mama said...

Nothing wrong with a little lazy.

crazymumma said...

have I EVER got a house for that cleaning service.

i don't do lazy well. i am frenetic at the best of kick back a bit for me....thanks.

Anonymous said...

ah, my lazy friend! you are anything but....
but it's refreshing to know that you, too, don't feel like cleaning sometimes!

Anonymous said...

hey pg - checked in to see what's shaking in your blogoshere and I see that you have been bed shopping - i recognize that digital camera in action...hope all is well.
pg (did you know we share the same initials - online that is!)