Wednesday, February 14, 2007

what's love got to do with it?

Something happened to Lulu while we were away last week.
It's like we came home with a different child.
Fortunately she is still sweet and super affectionate.
But she has also become well..a tad high maintenance.
She's been pretty demanding and has even thrown a few temper tantrums.
We are so used to getting compliments from people about how good and how nice and quiet and well behaved Lulu is.
My worst fear feels like it is coming precious child is becoming....gulp...bratty.
There I said it.
In which case, it must have something to do with the parenting and not the child.
Isn't that what every single episode of Super Nanny is all about?
So we must be doing something wrong.
the question is what?
she is screaming in her crib as I am typing this, refusing to nap even though she is totally exhausted.
Usually I rush upstairs and give into to her, but I'm wondering if that is sending her the wrong message.
I am and should be in charge of the situation, but I need to be more consistent and not such a push over.
I wonder if it has something to do with spending so much extra time with big daddy.
who happens to be home today.
He's definitely one of the most high maintenance and moody people that I know and has a pretty short temper.
yet I still love him despite this unfortunate character flaw.
I'm certainly not perfect.
Luckily his attributes far outweigh the annoying stuff, it just makes it that much more challenging around here.
and who doesn't love a good challenge?
so maybe he has rubbed off on her.
When it's just Lulu and I, she is really well behaved, calm and generally easy to please.
But when big daddy is around she refuses to nap, sleep, eat and well kind of acts out.
I definitely see a pattern, and I feel powerless.
I am just a Sagittarius trying to live in harmony with two very strong natured Taurus's.
They are both the loves of my life, but geez, it sure can be difficult remembering why some days.
ahh..she finally stopped crying, and it only took 35 minutes.
But I do love them both with all my heart and not every day can be wine and roses.
well maybe fact that usually helps the situation.
Most days are really great, and without sounding like too much a mush ball,
I feel pretty blessed to have each of them in my life.
I'll take the bad with the good.
The bad usually has to do with low blood sugar and lack of sleep.
The good is pretty much everything else.
happy valentine's day to my two favorite high maintenance people..
xo pg.


Cheryl said...

Between 18 months to 3 years old toddlers will test their limits as a natural stage in their development. As I know, the tantrums are not pleasant and are a good test of our patience. The crying and the tantrums make the hugs and "good" behavour even more golden.

Gabriella said...

Tantrums are very familiar here, mostly when she's teething, tired, or yes when her daddy is around. For the past month or so, whenever Daddy's around she turns into demanding, tantrumy, crying child. With me, much less so. This evening, I was trying to wash the dishes and she wanted me to read her a book, not in 5 minutes but NOW, so she threw herself on the floor and cried so hard. And this time I let her, even though it was killing me. And after when i read her the book she was all smiles. hmmph!

Mrs. Chicky said...

She never threw tantrums before? Really? I've never heard of such a thing. I didn't think toddlers like that really existed.

Welcome to the club! Club Tantrum.

Sandra said...

Just catching up on the corocopia of stunning lulu pictures.

We had a similarly timed post-vacation entry into the world of tantrums when my son was the same age.

This too shall pass. Promise :)

crazymumma said...

she is so little. don't sweat it, she is probably playing you both to see what power angle she can get...

she will grow out of it. promise.

(this coming from a woman who's five year old brought her to her knees at least twice today).