Tuesday, August 14, 2007

back in the saddle

Well we are back from "the rock"
a.k.a.- St.John's Newfoundland.
much was packed into the weekend, and there were some highs and some lows.
I always find it takes me a few days to feel back to normal after travelling, regardless of how far away or for how long I was gone for.
Especially when there is family involved.
Still recovering- emotionally and physically.
My relatives don't believe in going to bed before 3 a.m.....crazy newfies.
so for now I'm going to spend a few days trying to unwind and process the visit.
Will post when I feel up to it.


Cheryl said...

Weekend trips can be very exhausting -- too much travel in a short space of time. However, St. John's has an amazing number of pubs for a town its size -- which probably explains the 3 am bedtimes!

Gabriella said...

I always feel like a need a vacation after a vacation. Take the time to enjoy and relax with Lulu and your hubby.

motherbumper said...

yes, d'em newfs can be a bit crazy (I'm related to more than I can count). Welcome home!