Monday, August 06, 2007

the view from here

I'm not sure where the phrase "lazy days of summer" came from, because this is far from our reality around here these days.
Things have been pretty busy in fact.
But it's all good.
The kid-o is over the top delicious these days.
Weather is fantastic.
Lots of work when you are self employed is always a good thing.
Up coming visit with family to look forward to.
A weekend up north with some friends.

Life is good.
Big daddy and I have really been enjoying our back yard this summer, it's probably more quiet than it is up north as it seems as though everyone from our neighbourhood has made a mass exodus and left the city for the summer.
So it's just us, the crickets, skunks, seriously annoying racoons and the lonely lady from next door who never leaves her house.
Makes me glad I have someone to look up at the stars with or try to figure out what shape the clouds look like.
I'm thinking a bunny.

Big daddy had a different perspective.
Too many glasses of pinot grigio me thinks. (among other things)


motherbumper said...

TOTALLY AWESOME PICS ('specially that last one).

I'm glad life is good and btw - I'm stuck in the city too.

something blue said...

It's sweet to enjoy quiet time in the city. It's easier to get around and the park is way more fun.

Love your pink cloud imitation photos!

kittenpie said...

Sounds lovely. Misterpie is yearning for cottage time, as he has the summer off. Me, I'm just happy to have a week off work this week.

Those photos are funny/beautiful.