Tuesday, July 31, 2007

little animal

So big daddy is back.
caught up on some sleep-alleluia.
that 6 a.m. thing every morning for seven days straight was really kicking my ass.
Even if I just get to sleep until 8 once a week it makes all the difference.
Before big daddy left we managed to sneak in a visit to the zoo.
It was so much fun.
Lulu had a blast and so did we watching her react to all the animals.
The Kids Zoo was the highlight, and was perfect for her age group.
There were some great interactive areas which she loved.

The monkeys also made quite an impression on her, and she loves recanting the story about how "the monkey was scratching him bum" to anyone listening.
Admittedly, It was pretty funny.
Good thing he wasn't pulling on his pud- try explaining that to a 2 year old.
Glad we packed a lunch, and enjoyed it under the shade of a tree on a picnic table.
The geese were a tad aggressive so I guess they like tortilla wraps, with hummus, avocado, roasted red pepper & cheese.
We did bring her swimsuit and towel for the water park, but ran out of time (and energy)
next time...
We actually got a yearly family pass, so we will definitely be back soon.
A great day, and I hope we can try to squeeze in a few more excursions before the summer is over.
Don't even want to think about the fact that it is almost August already.
why is it that January & February don't go half as quickly?
It's so much fun with Lulu and all her "firsts".
First pony ride.

First trip to the zoo.

First full blown temper tantrum while trying to leave pottery barn kids yesterday.
No photos.
As I was frantically trying to appear calm and in control of the situation while every parent in the place was staring at me with what I felt at the time was a far from sympathtic look on their faces and more of a-what a horrible parent you must be-look.
Then again, most of them had small babies in strollers napping away peacefully.
Just you wait people. two is coming for you.
Lulu finally calmed down after about 30 minutes of thrashing and screaming.
she fell asleep in her stroller and woke at one point trying to bite the straps on the stroller and then her shoe.
I'd never seen her act this way.
my little animal.
I guess that's what 2 weeks worth of refusing to nap will do to a kid.
who needs to go to the zoo, just spend the day with an over tired two year old..
when she woke she was all bright eyed and bushy tailed.
ahh..my little wild creature.


motherbumper said...

you said pud (giggle) - and I still think monkeys scratching butt as completely hilarious

it's almost criminal how cute she is - btw, I'm with you on how tiring it is.. SB was away for five days and I almost went insane (some might say I did).

Gabriella said...

that pbk store is a nightmare! I rarely can get Samantha out of there without a tantrum. It's just too much fun with all those toys to play with.
Lulu adorable as usual in those pictures!!

kittenpie said...

am cracking up about her biting straps.

I want to take Pumpkinpie to the zoo soon, but meanwhile, we hit Riv Farm teh weekend before last.

crazymumma said...

ya, sometimes they go all apeshit on you. She's probably a bit taller, or cutting teeth or something.....

Sheena said...

TPG... have you ever been out to St. Jacob's Market outside Waterloo? OMG. Was there for the first time this weekend. Anyone who wants to do the 100-mile diet could live like a king around here. The locally farmed meats and produce absolutely amazing.

And I love the smile on little one's face in the pony ride picture. To feel that sense of new joy is so special. (Kind of like me seeing some of those smoked pork chops yesterday...)