Tuesday, July 17, 2007

life really is a bowl of cherries

So I finally figured out what to do with all the cherries we picked a few weeks ago (besides just eating them one by one until I felt sick)
I've never been much of a baker.
I mostly prefer cooking.
Much less room for error and more room for experimentation and ad-libbing with ingredients.
I like that when it comes to cooking you don't have to be so exact or precise.
I'm also a pretty impatient person, so having to whisk or beat cream, eggs and sugar until soft peaks are formed for 10 minutes isn't really my thing.
Besides I love going to bakeries and giving them my business.
That is until recently.
Baking that is- not going to bakeries.
Maybe I've really tapped into my inner-domestic-goddess side or something, but lately I love the idea of baking.
Especially with the abundance of all the fresh fruit in the summer.
mmm peach cobblers, berries and ice cream, rhubarb crumble, apple gallettes, or in this case- Fresh Cherry Tart.
Not to toot my own horn here- but this tart was so freakin' awesome.
Big daddy and I polished it off in two days.
Kind of embarrassing..but we couldn't help ourselves.
You can find the recipe here.
It was super easy and in some-ways quite cathartic.
I found myself feeling very relaxed while pitting all the cherries and whipping the cream cheese filling.
I think someone else enjoyed baking as well.
or more like doing a little quality control..


Ms. Porter said...

ohh yummy. i don't bake but i will be passing the recipe on to my mom and my girlfriend who both bake for my family!

amanda said...

I love baking... used to work at a bed and breakfast and did a lot of the baking (and bed-making and cleaning, and ironing... anyway). Definitely going to try the cherry tart. Looks absolutely devine. Mmmm.

Laural Dawn said...

I go through baking phases. I don't even have baking stuff in my kitchen right now!
But ... I was at the store and saw this really yummy blueberry bar on the cover of Canadian Living. It looked so good I actually bought the magazine. And tonight I will buy all the ingredients and try it!
I think you're right - all the yummy fruit does make you more inspired. But, I can honestly say I've never bought a magazine just for the food on the cover.

myredwagon said...

yum.....how delicious does that look! Once again you've inspired me to bake. You say you aren't a baker, but I disagree. I remember your beautiful gingerbread cookies from a Christmas post!

Sheena said...

Hmm... I thought I left a comment on this one today...

Sheena said...

I said
"LOL.. the goths would be so pleased".

something blue said...

I've been dreaming of cherries and cream cheese. Yum...

Dana said...

YIKES! Tried the link and I can't access the recipe to this yummy tart! Can you help me find it?


petite gourmand said...

dana- every day food- martha stewart.