Tuesday, July 24, 2007

rated PG

I haven't felt much like blogging lately.
It all started when I uploaded a new version of itunes and that f'ed up my computer.
so I was computer-less for almost a week.
at first it was a drag not being able to check my email etc. but after a few days I realized it maybe wasn't such a bad thing to be "unplugged".
When I finally got my computer back the main thing I missed was my music. (and reading all my daily blogs of course)
I've been downloading a bunch of music, lots of blasts from my past and some new things too.
I'm currently listening to Al Stewart..the year of the cat...la la laaaa.
The Cure
The 5th Dimension
The soundtrack to the movie Once.
Willie Nelson
The Limp twins
Vince Guaraldi Trio
Roisin Murphy
Bebel Gilberto
Patrick Watson
Ryan Adams
The Style Council
Amy Winehouse
The Be Good Tanyas
The The
Beth Orton
Neil Young
Cesaria Evoria
How's that for a mixed bag?
In addition I've been catching up on some reading and a bunch of fantastic movies.
Half Nelson.
Loved it and that Ryan Gosling is oh so yummy.
a helluv an actor as well. can't wait to watch his career grow.
Little Children.
Also loved it.
very relevant and I really enjoyed it.
Can't believe the creepy guy (Jackie Earl Haley) in it is from the Bad News Bears...
Kate Winslet was really excellent and Patrick Wilson isn't to hard on the eyes either.
Stranger Than Fiction.
Loved Loved Loved this one.
Great sound track, very cool graphics, and Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal were great together. who knew?
Though I couldn't help but to imagine Will yelling "let's go streaking everybody!!!!" throughout the flick.
Or at least during the "romantic" scenes.
It also had me wanting to open my own bakery- minus the tax situation.
Running With Scissors.
read the book and loved it. The movie was equally great. Great casting & set design.
Annette Benning was spectacular and again awesome soundtrack.
so that's what I've been up to.
Plus working and being a single parent for a while. which is pretty crazy.
will post more on that later.
for now I must run and feed the munchkin.
who is eating so so well these past few weeks. Finally!
3 new teeth...shew. at long last.


kittenpie said...

I loooooved Stranger Than Fiction. LOVED it. It appears I'm not the only one with musical tastes that are, let's say, diverse?

metro mama said...

I loved Stranger Than Fiction too.

crazymumma said...

Try some Jean Leloup (French Canadian).

look at the clarity of that lake! Nice to have you back, but it is nice to be without computer access at times I think...

something blue said...

Oh, I need the Once Soundtrack. We were just talking about it today in the office.

Anonymous said...

i miss you guys!!!!
and the music too!!!
lots of steel drums down here.
more pictures of my bugs.

Gabriella said...

I was just thinking along the same lines as crazymumma, the clarity of that lake is beautiful! It's great when their teeth start popping in, makes them happy until the next ones start in!
We'd love to get together for a playdate! Drop me an email whenever you'd like. It's funny that in one month from now I won't have that luxury as often as I'm going back to work :(

Tracy said...

sounds like an excellent mixed cd ;)

watched little children over the weekend while d was out with the guys. omg. i was so worried about the ending. then so pleased with it all. v.good.


myredwagon said...

Glad to see Willie made your list. He's often in my mix.

And little children - wow. I just wached this over the weekend too. I've undersestimated Kate Winslet.

way to go on the teeth Lulu!

samlamb said...

good movie recommendations...though I'm still a teensy bit scared to watch "little children". and thanks for reminding me about Beth Orton! Her, Willie and Bebel Gilberto - they're a summer soundtrack for sure!