Thursday, August 16, 2007

lunch with my little lady

Looks like we have another shoe addict in the family.
Must get that from big daddy...
I was surprised that the child even knows how to coordinate the shoes to the outfit.
Too bad I didn't have a shot of her trying to walk in the size 10 gold Gucci stiletto's at Holt Renfrew.
I'm sure the sales staff didn't think so.
while we were shoe shopping a few weeks ago, we stopped in for a little bite for lunch at the Holt's Cafe.
find out more here.
who knew shoe shopping could be so fun?
A bit ironic that no matter how many shoes that seem to make their way into my closet, I find myself constantly wearing my $20 black havainas.

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amanda said...

Too cute!

I'm the same way with shoes. Had to have those lovely Tory Burch flats (oh I can wear them with everything) but what am I wearing with everything, my black Teva flip flops. So comfy.