Sunday, August 19, 2007

to do: dumplings

Well another summer weekend has come and gone.
I find my self feeling a little under pressure to actually do some of the things that I really wanted to do before the summer is over.
I can't believe it's coming to an end.
It's actually getting chilly at night, the light is changing and I noticed the leaves on a tree on our street have started to change colour.
Not that I don't love all the seasons, but summer is so fleeting and there's still so many things I want to do before it's over.
I looked back at the list I made several months ago and realized that there is plenty of stuff that we have yet to accomplish.
I shouldn't really care, and instead of worrying about what we haven't done, instead look at the things that we have done and feel good about at least that.
But that's not me.
me and my obsessive lists...
One thing that was not on "The List" was to go to a Pick-Your-Own Farm, but we managed to go to one this weekend.
will post about this at a later date as I'm working on a little creative project that involves home-made pickles and organic veggies...stay tuned.

Speaking of getting pickled...
Big daddy is sick as a dog, so while we were north of the city on our way home from the farm, we stumbled across T&T Asian grocery store.
Oh.My.G-d!! this place rocks!
I've been meaning to go forever, but it's a little out of my neck of the woods, but oh so so worth the drive north.
I may never shop in downtown china town for Asian groceries again.
I popped in quickly while big daddy waited in the car as lulu snoozed in the back-seat, my original goal was to quickly grab some dumplings to make some home-made soup for the coughing, sneezing, congested big daddy.
I was like a kid in a candy store.
this place had every type of frozen dumpling imaginable. and then some.
I wish I had had a list (see I'm list obsessed) and more time to peruse all the cool ingredients.
I could barely tear myself out of there.
Oh and all the take-out dim sum and sushi was awesome.
Now I know why all my Asian friends sing the praises of china town north and all the great restaurants up there.
It's kind of like the Pusateries of Asian food only super cheap.
Oh and did I mention really really clean.
now that's not a word I would ever use to describe any of the stores in china town.
So I made some dumpling ginger soup & steamed baby pak choy with garlic accompanied by a couple of glasses of South Eastern Australian Long Flat Chardonnay.
I wasn't drunk or anything but the next day I felt so hung over.
Not sure what was up with that, I guess I still can't drink white wine.
Two advil and two Tylenol's extra strengths later...
Big daddy felt like complete crap (due to his cold and not the cheap white wine) so I manned the fort and entertained lulu all day long.
nothing new there.
Only it was a challenge keeping her quiet and from running upstairs to wake him up, all the while nursing a splitting headache/hangover.
damn chardonnay.
Why is it at times like this, lulu always wants to bang the pots and pans together??
"but why daddy sleeping, it not morning??"
"why why why????"
"daddy zebra bra needs to come and play with baby zebra bra"
she has taken to naming herself after various animals- zebra bra being the cutest so far.
Though baby bear, baby cat, baby doggy, baby bunny and baby mousey are all pretty cute.
any-who...Still managed a nice long walk and a relaxed weekend despite big daddy being sick as a daddy doggy.
I also convinced him to come cycling today and enjoy some of this fantastic weather.
We ended up on an great bike trail beside a stream under a canopy of nice big trees.
Lulu and big daddy had a blast throwing rocks into the water and "fishing" (lulu's pretend version with a stick)
me watching from the other side of the stream feeling so much love and affection I think I may have gotten a tad misty at one point.
ah nothing like a little bit of mother nature to restore your soul.
(and hopefully help with a nasty cold)
Lulu fell asleep on the back of big daddy's bike, her little helmet head bobbing up and down.
too cute.
So none of that was on a "list" but was so much fun.
I might just have to have a bonfire (which is on my list) and burn my list.
Because sometimes having "to do" takes all the fun out of "doing".


metro mama said...

Guess what! Word is we're getting one of these stores near Cherry Beach here, where the Knob Hill Farms used to be!

petite gourmand said...

m.m. - really?! that's awesome.
kind of a strange location- but much much closer than Markham!
see you in the dumpling aisle :)

kittenpie said...

I see metro beat me to it - yeah, there's one going in there, I think this fall. Misterpie is beside himself with excitement, as is our neighbour. The place will be freaking packed!

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm suffering a bit of a freakout about the end of summer and still too much to do, too, because Misterpie goes back to work then, and with a new school and everything, he'll be too busy for much more DOing once that starts. We have to get his new classroom in order, and are also working on Pumpkinpie's new big girl bedroom, too. Ack!

Dana said...

We had a T&Ts when we lived in Calgary and we loved it there. Sadly, now that we are living in the midwest USofA, there is no such creature to be found...yet.

A girl can always hope, non?

ali said...

he...T&T is just about right across the street from my house. i LOVE it. and my nanny is filipina, so she always goes and picks up amazing stuff for us that we never would have known to get. it's GREAT.

indigo herself said...

this is fitting because i just finished having a plate of dumplings myself. sounds heavenly, i love non standard grocery stores. about the list...maybe it is for all summers, not just this one. i do know what you mean though about feeling the season change and trying to soak up the last of it, every ounce of goodness...i never feel that way about winter but summer and fall have that notion on me.

Ms. Porter said...

I wish we had a T & T near us.

I'm freaking about the end of summer and all the should've, could've, would'ves. I keep telling myself that Fall is such a fun season (my fav I think).

amanda said...

Baby zebra bra... too cute! Sounds like a great weekend dispite big daddy's feeling under the weather... hope he's feeling better.

I'm the same way about lists. Right down to what to do before it gets cold. Then there's the cold weather activity list. I swear I do way too much planning and list making. But I love it.

Lisa b said...

I was just logging on to say what MM said.
T&T is the BEST.