Tuesday, March 18, 2008

happiness is......

Despite the winter blues and the not feeling so great, nothing gives me more happiness than my little peanut.
Who really isn't so little anymore. sniff sniff.
When I watch her in action, any negative feelings seem to melt away.
She is so full of joy and sweetness.
Her obsession through-out the winter has been the Peanuts gang.
She lives for the movie "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" and sits quietly during the entire thing.
Totally mesmerized.
I love the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack and enjoy watching it with her.
It's a far cry from "Dora The Annoying" that's for sure.
It's amazing how it really does stand the test of time.
She has a bit of a crush on Schroeder and talks about him endlessly.
hmmm.. could this mean that she will have a thing for musicians down the road?
She did however, wake up the other night claiming that snoopy was in her room trying to lick her face.
good grief.


amanda said...

Peanuts... now that's a great idea. I'm with you. I can't stand Dora. That's one of those that I immediately turn off and pull out something very distracting.

Oh, and the snoopy dream... super adorable.

kittenpie said...

Hunh. I must admit, I never got Peanuts. Calvin and Hobbes, on the other hand... Oh. Maybe I did this to myself, then.

motherbumper said...

Who can resist Schroeder (not me). What a wonderful relief from Dora the Great Distractor. Lucky lady ;)