Tuesday, March 11, 2008

look ma no cavities!

I'd love to say that this was Lulu's very first visit to the dentist, but unfortunately it was not.
I shudder when I recall that first visit when she was still just over a year and a half....
But today was a much more positive experience.
We waited until the last of the molars decided to show up (a couple of weeks ago) fashionably late.
so with a grand total of all 20 teeth I booked an appointment.
She was amazing and had no problem with the hygienist poking and prodding.
She even told her not to forget to brush her tongue.
I must say that Lulu takes her dental hygiene very seriously.
But I got busted when she squealed on me and let the dentist know that yesterday we forgot to brush in the morning after breakfast because we were in a big hurry.
great...thanks Lulu.
She did cover for me though and reported that she brushed after lunch instead, and also that she likes to floss while in the bath each night.
bonus points for mommy.
Her Dentist is really great.
She took a liking to him right away and you can tell he really loves kids.
I guess you would have to to want to be a pediatric dentist.
Something tells me not every visit to the dentist when it involves kids is always pleasant and relaxed.
I personally love going to the dentist.
I feel so good afterwards and glad to have my teeth clean and plaque-free.
Well especially when there are no cavities involved.
Which up to this point, has been the case.
I have been pretty lucky when it comes to strong healthy teeth- albeit- once crowded and in need of braces.
I have had a few different dentists throughout the years.
My Orthodontist was arrested for attempted murder.
Tried to shoot his wife- who worked as a receptionist at the office.
Fortunately his brother took over the practice (when he went to jail) so I eventually got my braces off.
I also remember my regular dentist who's office was plastered of photos of himself.
Nothing like getting your teeth checked by some overly tanned egomaniac, while having to stare directly at a huge photograph of him shirtless and wearing those nut hugging running shorts covered in sweat, running across the finish line of some marathon that he ran.
He was always suspiciously tanned even in the middle of the winter.
I recall a time when he walked in, took a quick look at what the hygienist had just spent the past hour doing and non-segue proceeded to tell me how he just bought his daughter a horse...because it's the latest thing she seems to be interested in.
ummm okay.
thanks for the info doc.
After that I decided to switch dentists.
That cheese-ball was obviously charging too much.
I really like the one I see now.
Though it feels kind of strange that we are around the same age.
I always thought of dentists as older and wiser than me.
Just goes to show that I'm getting up there I guess.
My new dentist has an uber high tech office and loves all the new digital gadgets.
He also loves showing me giant digital images of each tooth and taking the time to described each tooth etc.
Though he always wants to chat while I have my mouth full of dental tools.
"Uhh ha ,aarggg arhhgg aa hhaaa ahhrraaa ahhh arrr aaahhhaa"
Is usually all I am able to contribute to the conversation.
The guy certainly is passionate about teeth.
He has a daughter the same age as Lulu and just had a second baby a few months ago.
And as far as I know he has yet to buy either one of them a pony.
At least not a live one.
And his wife occasionally works as a receptionist at the office, but from what I can tell they seem to be very happy and in love.
Anyone else have any crazy dentist stories?


Anonymous said...

My former dentist's wife was also his hygenist. During a cleaning, she decided to let me know how she got pregnant on a trip to Cuba and then chose to have an abortion. I think this was my 2nd visit there.
When I left Toronto, I went to a new dentist who looked exactly like Patrick Dempsey. This was pre-McDreamy so all I could think about was 'Can't Buy Me Love'. I don't go to him anymore but my husband does.

Sarah said...

I had a mean hygenist named Carla. She would push on my loose teeth when I was 6-8 years old and I would cry. WHY would she do this? I have no idea...but one time, a loose tooth went flying across the room and blood splattered on her face. I was so happy...

kgirl said...

Congratulations, Lulu! I am not looking forward to Bee's first dental appointment, in case she's anything like me.

I was labled a flight risk after cancelling about 4 consultations for removal of my wisdom teeth. I had to find a new surgeon, and my dentist was about to break up with me.
In the end, it was not that bad, although I did pass out the first time I had to change the packing.

Mac and Cheese said...

Hey! I think my dentist is the egomaniac, cheese-ball of which you speak! The tan, the marathons, the pictures - it all adds up. If he weights approx. 115 lbs soaking wet, I would say it's the same guy.

sam lamb said...

No crazy dentist stories, but I sure am envious you took Lulu to the dentist already. I've made 3 phonecalls to dentists who wouldn't see kids under 4, and now I think I'll just take Sadie to mine.

And flossing? Geez, I'm an awful mom...it never even occured to me.

amanda said...

Ok. I cannot believe Lulu flosses. You are a supermom.

And murder?? Holy moses.

My dentist growing up was a hottie and I got all weak in the knees everytime I saw him. But his smile was almost painfully obnoxious.

kittenpie said...

I havne't had a crazy dentist, but I have to say I'm way happier at the place I go now, which was recommended by a friend and is very kid-friendly, too. Pumpkinpie's first two visits were easy. I must admit, I used to be great at flossing with her, but lately I have been slacking off - too tired, mostly, and even my own flossing is falling off since I keep falling asleep so early!

Sonia said...

My fairly new dentist committed suicide in his office. He hung himself in hopes his soon to be ex-wife (also one of the hygienists) would find him. Such a shame too...he seemed like such a nice man. Also very easy on the eyes, and left behind a young daughter.

My dentist now is very competent and pleasant enough.

Sarah, the hygienist was probably doing a mobility test to see how mobile your teeth were. It's pretty standard, although may have been painful for you.

Mac and Cheese said...

Check out page A3 of today's Star (oct. 18). Anyone you recognize?