Friday, March 14, 2008

in sickness and in health

I remember a few years ago when big daddy had a bad back and it was all he seemed to talk about.
At first I was sympathetic but after a while I guess you could say I was getting a bit sick of hearing about it.
Eventually it improved.
But now I kind of know how he felt.
Instead of me having a bad back I just don't feel like myself.
It's been since mid January and I'm really not bouncing back from being sick.
My ears still hurt and are plugged, I'm tired, have frequent headaches am nauseous and always seem to have the chills.
And no I'm not pregnant.
I have been trying to carry on and be productive and positive-hoping that having a good attitude will help excellerate getting healthy again.
But I feel like I have hit the wall.
It's wonderful that we have the health care system that we do here in Canada, but honestly not being able to get an appointment with a specialist until May is a bit ridiculous.
We have been tempted to drive across the border and just pay to have someone look at my ears.But instead I decided to get a bit more proactive and get on the phone and call every ENT in the Toronto area and beg and plead for an appointment.
As luck should have it I managed to get in to see someone next week because of a cancellation.
In the mean time I'm off to see my family doc again today hoping that she will be able to give me some answers.
And peace of mind.
The moral of this story is well two things...
the promise "in sickness and in health" is probably one of the most important part of the vows that you take when you get married.
It's one if those things that you say but really don't think about at the time.
But now it holds new meaning to me.
And I really appreciate big daddy's patience over the past few months.
The second is when it comes to getting in to see a doctor you really have to get a bit aggressive.
I'm hoping that next week this doctor tells me that everything is normal and just taking time to heal.
But if not, at least I will know sooner rather than later.
as in May.
Because hopefully by then I will be soaking up the spring sunshine and listening to the sweet sound of all the birds that have returned for the season.
And it won't sound like like are singing under water.


metro mama said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Ms. Porter said...

ohhhh you poor thing! that is awful, i can't believe you are still feeling sick. i hope your doctor took a peek and figured out what is what at least to offer you some peace of mind until next week. i completely agree with you on the healthcare either know someone or have to beg when it comes to seeing a specialist...and i say do what it takes!

Mac and Cheese said...

That's a long time to feel crappy. I hope you clear up soon, or that the dr. gives you some really good drugs.

crazymumma said...

what you have is most commonly known as the 'I have a child under the age of 5 sinus infection general body complaint middle of winter my immune system is shot all to hell' illness. I know it well. And I hope it goes away soon.
What are you doing for yourself these days? In the vein of overall physicla health? It might be worth looking into....

I love the Fastwurms Snowman. Maybe the witchypooness of it will heal what ails you.

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm sorry you've been having such a rough time. I agree with you about that vow - my hubby has had poor health/ luck for more than a year now and it is rough being supportive but that's what I signed up for...Hope you feel better soon!

indigo herself said...

wow. it is very true about the vow. i have definitely been the sick one and i am lucky to have a supportive mate. what i have learned about health stuff is that you shouldn't take the easy way - by assuming -- it will get better on its' own - and you need to take things seriously. i think the system hopes you will brush things off because they are flooded with other cases and priorities but at the end of the day you are the one who has to live with it. i think you did the right thing getting into see the specialist sooner. fingers crossed it all turns out favourably of course but it is smart to be proactive about your own health. have you considered natural medicine or alternative therapy? it has definitely helped me.

Gabriella said...

I'm in these same shoes right now...last night spent 4 hours in the hospital because I had been nauseous and having irregular heartbeats for 2 days, and they still couldn't give me a diagnosis...other than "stress".

Hopefully you will start feeling better and glad you got that appointment sooner than later.

mamatulip said...

Oh, I feel for you.

FEEEEEEEL. For yoooooou.

Hang in there.

Lisa b said...

yeah, the system is great once you figure out how it works. I hope the specialist has some ideas to help you out.
I've been the one 'in sickness' the last while and it STINKS being sick.

amanda said...

Man, I feel so bad. I can hardly believe your still having such a hard time. Hopefully you'll get things figured out next week. I can only imagine how trying it's been for you. Geez, poor thing. Hang in there!

indigo herself said...

here is a good naturopath in the city.

dr.jill shainhouse is who i see. hopefully she can help! the web site is a little cheesy but she is nice and knows her stuff. 416-322-9980 - good luck!

Sarah said...

Geez...that sounds like the worst. I hope you get some answers soon!

kittenpie said...

I hear you. It's annoying listening to someone else whine, but then again, you understand why because when you feel bad, it's hard to think of much else.

But holy hannah, I've never heard of a wait like that. That is a bit ridiculous, so I'm glad you pushed a bit and got yourself in sooner. Here's hoping they have the magic answer!