Saturday, April 05, 2008

little bird

The greatest part about spring is how it totally transforms people.
Everyone seems to be walking around in this happy state and we all can breathe a collective sigh of relief that the long hard winter of 2008 is finally over.
The birds woke me this morning at six a.m. and not Lulu for a change and it was so lovely.
I'm glad they're back.
I just hope they keep it down a bit tomorrow morning.
With spring and the change of season comes lots of things to do and activities to attend.
Which is great in some ways, but already I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by so many things going on and happening all at once.
In addition to pre-school, ballet and library reading program Lulu's dance card is quickly filling up.
And mine for that matter.
It seems as though everyone wants to come out of hibernation at the same time and plan get togethers.
I must say I'm not really big on the whole play date thing.
Once in a while is fine, and in fact quite welcome.
But I really don't like over loading Lulu or myself with too many things in a week.
I like having a day or two to spend with just Lulu and no one else.
Does that sound selfish?
Besides, she is really content on her own and doesn't need constant interaction with other kids 24/7.
I know I certainly don't.
She has actually started asking for some "alone time" which I think is fantastic.
I think it's important to be comfortable on your own.
We have some friends who are always on the go. As in, non-stop.
they have activities planned for the kids for everyday of the week and always have a house full of other kids.
Weekends they are out the door by around 8 a.m. rain or shine.
I seriously couldn't handle that.
Anyhow they are really sweet and I don't want to sound judgemental, but man...they seriously never stop.
It often makes big daddy & I feel like we don't do enough and a bit guilty.
But then I watch Lulu's behaviour and realize that it's good that she has down time (and plenty of it)
and that her main source of amusement is simply books, paper, crayons, and some other favourite toys.
Then again, she also finds a tiny pebble, stick or a pine-cone lying on the ground amusing.
Maybe we don't have a ton of cool plastic noise making toys for her to run around with but at least I can feel good about providing her with enough space and time to let her imagination be her most important source of amusement.
Which for me is the greatest gift I could give her
(and well, if I'm being


Anonymous said...

you are the most wonderful mother and wife. Lulu is the sweetest little thing and so smart, funny, intuitive, and loving little girl that any parent could ever wish for, and it's really because of you. I miss you guys and cannot wait to get home!!

Anonymous said...

Your way sounds perfect to me! When I was growing up we never had to rush to here or there, and it was great.
I hear you on the guilty thing though, I have friends who also schedule their kids for so many programs and here I am not having signed up Samantha for anything! She does go to preschool which to me is plenty of stimulation for her! The rest of her free time is with me & dad.

amanda said...

I'm with you... not really into booking myself (and/or Jack) too full. And having the house on the market really messes up my weekend chi. I really need a few quiet hours in the a.m. with my boys. But there have been pluses having it on the market... we put most of the toys away to cut back on clutter etc. and it's amazing how much more peaceful it feels around here :)

kittenpie said...

I'm with you - we just hang around on the weekends a lot - maybe one class a season, maybe not. Occasional playdates, but not every weekend. as often as not, we end up with an impromptu outside play with a neighbour, but pumpkinpie spends a lot of time playing and colouring. I do keep thinking I should spend more time doing things with her, maybe directing some of her art activities to help out her weakish fine motor, but then... meh. I'm just thrilled it's nice enough to go to the park and paly outside again after all those months of crapply cold and snow. So guess what we did this weekend? yay!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

We have a mix. Weekends we like to have a playdate or 2, but not just for the kids, for us as well! We'll have friends and their kids over for lunch or dinner, or go to friends houses for the same. We find it to be a nice break, too!

During the week, my nanny gets together with other kids and nannies most afternoons, or they (now, finally!) go to the park. Nothing formal, just fun.

With 2 very active boys, I need some sort of outlet for them. Personally, I love hanging around the house and doing quiet things, but it doesn't work for them - they like to run and jump and yell, so they need the activity!

Sarah said...

I'm always working on finding the balance between activities and chill-time. Pretty much, we like some sort of action from 9-11:30 a.m. and then the rest of the day is unscheduled and ours to do whatever. That seems to be working for us these, they certianly let me know if they are wiped out. Fire up for spring!!