Saturday, April 19, 2008

missin you

Well almost two weeks of being a single parent are coming to an end tonight...
Big daddy is en route home after being in L.A.
Would love to write a big long mushy post about how much I love him and missed having him here,
but truth be told- I'm beat.
But we did miss him, despite having a busy busy time while he was away.
especially his little lady Lulu.
She kept pointing at all the planes in the sky today and asking if that's the one Daddy is on??
Lots of pointing seeing as we are on a bit of a flight path....
very sweet though.

anywhoo he should be here any second as he just emailed me from his crack-berry saying he on the way from the airport.
we love you big daddy & we are soo glad you are home!!!!
P.G. & Lulu xoxoxoxox


motherbumper said...

I really hope you had a wonderful homecoming and that you are relaxing today - two weeks solo? I'd go insane (well more than I already am - which is a LOT!).

motherbumper said...

Oh and super cute photos :)

Sarah said...

Wow...good work on the solo parenting that long...that is a doozie! Hope you had a great weekend reunited!

amanda said...

Two weeks! Ug. Glad to hear that's over and done with. It's a lot to handle all on your own - in my opinion at least. Hope it was a great homecoming weekend!

kgirl said...

congratulations on making it through! lulu looks adorable in her spring bonnet.