Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well I know Easter is over...but I just threw away all the Easter eggs and leftover chocolate
(okay...more like ate all the leftover chocolate) I needed something to eat while watching Oprah's Big Give.
Let's just say that I was "giving" into my craving for chocolate.
And besides, Lulu really won't miss it.
I'm such a terrible mommy- eating my child's Easter bunny and telling her that it melted and is all gone.
Her dentist would be happy though.
So we packed up all her Easter crafts, paintings, bunnies & baskets and put them away for another year.
I can't believe how much art a kid can accumulate.
Do I keep it all?
I just can't bare to throw out any of her "master pieces".
I have a big plastic bin dedicated to her stuff and it's already full.
I'm glad she's into painting and crafts but at this rate we will need to rent another separate storage locker for all her artwork.

Good thing eggs are perishable.


motherbumper said...

Your photos always make me swoon - the colours and the purity.

Hey momma, one must eat all the chocolate to protect the kidlets and their teeth ;)

Maybe start a photo blog to capture her artwork so it lives in the virtual forever, instead of a box. That way you won't feel so bad when chucking it. (oh gawd, I feel awful destorying any of B's artwork but THERE IS SO DARN MUCH).

amanda said...

haha! I feel the same way... keep it or toss it? I mean, most of it right now is just scribbles... but will I look back on it and wish I would have saved it. Hmm. Another thing - my mom saved birthday cards from when we were very little... so, do I save those too?? Like you said - we'll have to take out a storage locker for the art alone. Let's not even get started on the cards. haha!

By the way... love the bunnies. I saw them somewhere this season and now I'm wishing I would have bought them. Very cute.

kittenpie said...

My solution is in theory to keep a respresentative sample and give some away to relatives ro use it as wrapping for them, but I keep forgetting to give/wrap, so I have a pile in one corner waiting for me. Lovely photos, as usual.

Sarah said...

I am loving the chubby bunnies as well...I feel like I saw something like that at Pier 1? Can you share where they came from?

petite gourmand said...

aren't those bunnies so cute?
I actually got them at a grocery store called Loblaws Super Centre here in t.o.
maybe only available in Canada??
That would be a first.

But who knows, Pier One might just carry them as well....
or my beloved Target?