Friday, April 25, 2008

princess tea party

So I had every intention of writing a nice long sentimental post about how special my sweet (now three year old) Lulu is to me.
Also a brief account of the past year and what it has been like living with a two year old.
But once again, I'm a bit pressed for time (what mother isn't?)
I will say that I don't know that I agree with the term "the terrible two's" because they were anything but.
It was a very sweet year with a very sweet girl.
Not without its challenges of course, but fun none-the-less.
I hope three is as fun.
So a bit of a re-cap of the big day, which was yesterday...tisk tisk...didn't even post a birthday post on her special day.
What kind of a blogger mommy am I?
But I did manage to throw Lulu a princess tea party with some of her little pals.
My mom came into town to celebrate with all the little girls (and two lucky boys...) and Lulu was thrilled.
The weather was perfect and we managed to spend the afternoon outside.
Everyone was so sweet and so excited.
I loved watching Lulu with her favourite little school friends.
It was adorable.
So happy birthday Lulu.
I can't believe you are already three!

Would love to write more, but you are currently crawling all over me pretending to be a kitten and meowing and trying to lick my face.

and oh, the answer to your question this morning at 6:30 a.m.
"Am I still three today?"
is yes. xoxox
love mom


amanda said...

Absolutely adorable!! Happy Birthday Lulu!

metro mama said...

So lovely! Happy birthday to Lulu!

Anonymous said...

I would love a birthday like that!! Beautiful!
Happy 3rd Birthday Lulu!

kgirl said...

I want to go to a tea party like lulu's! how awesome.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Happy Birthday Lulu!

(please come prepare my kid's next birthday party? Please, oh pretty please? That party looks so good!)

indigo herself said...

how deluxe! whatta spread, sounds like a lovely party for a sweet girl. happy birthday.

kittenpie said...

Oh, so cute!
I found two really easy, too, but three was tough. Here's hoping your sweetie stays easy for you!
Our birthday party is Sunday, but not nearly as pretty. I'm sure Pumpkinpie would love a princess tea party, but I am doing a nice spring craft with 7 little girls instead, along with some playtime and a little lunch.

Mac and Cheese said...

Your princess table setting looks way more elegant than anything I've ever done for adults!

...and so on it goes said...

Happy Birthday are becoming such a little lady.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Pink rules!!