Monday, July 14, 2008

out of her shell

I haven't really planned much for Lulu this summer.
I figured we would sort of play it by ear.
Sure I signed her up for one week of "dance camp"- which she absolutely loved.
but that's about it.
So I got on the phone and spent last week trying to find some more day camps in the area that are still available.
I managed to get the last spot in a day camp next week which sounds great.
It's run by the teachers at her Nursery school which totally puts my mind at ease.
Lulu and I went to check it out and watch the kids do arts and crafts, play in the music room and have story time.
I think she'll have a blast.
In the mean time I'm trying to fill her dance card for this week.
I hit the jackpot.
The girls from a few houses down are going to hang out and play with her for a few hours all week.
They actually used to live in our house before we moved in four years ago and I've been counting down the years to when they are old enough to watch Lulu.
The oldest is 12 and just finished her baby-sitting course and her sister is 10.
Lulu absolutely LOVES them. as do I.
It's sooo sweet watching girls that age with small kids.
They are old enough to be responsible, yet not too old to think it's lame to have tea parties and play with crayons and finger paints.
So I've booked them all week from 10-2.
Lulu was waiting by the window this morning at 8 a.m. asking when they would be here.
I get to keep an eye on them, yet actually get some things done around errr..blogging...very important stuff ya know.
The only down side is that they leave for camp at the end of the week for the rest of the summer.
such a tease. dang.
And August was looking so promising!
Ah well, I'm sure I'll come up with more things to keep Lulu occupied.
Until then I'm in heaven.
More importantly-so is Lulu.


kgirl said...

Ahh, summer. Enjoy. Is that the zoo that has hatched your lovely daughter?

amanda said...

What a great idea!! Enjoy it!

By the way, Lulu is looking so grown up these days... she's getting so big. And still so adorable. She dresses better than I do.

Sarah said...

Nice work, pg! 12 year old neighbor girls are an awesome find for the little girls. Enjoy!

ourlittlefunnybunny said...

To me summer is for being free as a bird!! But at least she'll be having fun with the girls. Watching them interact with older kids is so sweet.

motherbumper said...

Ohhhhhh neighbourhood girls to do some entertaining - I hadn't thought of that. Dang, Lulu is going to have a blast.

kittenpie said...

I love the unscripted times, though since I work through the summer, I love even more that our daycare really ramps up the programming and there is something cool with which to entice pumpkinpie most days. Now if only I can get over my anxiety about next month's field trips...