Monday, August 18, 2008

luvin the cousins

Lulu's only cousins arrived this weekend from L.A. for a week long visit.
She's thrilled, as am I.
I love watching them all together, it truly melts my heart.
It seems like yesterday that the oldest (now 12) was just a baby, now she's looking after my baby.
who according to her is NOT a baby and a big gurl now.
I wish they lived closer.
we have lots of things planned for the week and I will try to post some pics along the way.
I was cooking up a storm yesterday for our picnic that we have planned for today.
I hope they like Orzo pasta salad with Smoked Cumbrae's chicken breast, fresh green beans, grilled corn and goat fetta cheese.
Cantaloupe, prosciutto, bocconcini, and mint salad.
Cauliflower salad with roasted red peppers, olives, celery and capers (lulu's favourite)
lots of cold cuts and dips and I'm throwing some hot-dogs in just in case.
yum. now I'm hungry.
oh and speaking of hungry...
I have a confession.
I picked up a bunch of organic milk chocolate bars for the smores we are going to make this week and well I thought
hey I'm feeling soooo much better what harm is one little piece going to do?
but one piece turned into the entire bar.
couldn't stop myself.
I can't remember the last time I had milk chocolate.
soooo good.
Not sure it was entirely worth it, after how I feel this morning though.
who am I kidding?
hell yeah, it was so worth it.


A Peanut's Life said...

chocolate is always worth it!
Hope you have a great week with the fam and that Lulu has a blast connecting with the cousins and making many wonderful memories

Ms. Porter said...

Mmmm chocolate. I brought home two large chocolate bars that were supposed to be used as a topping for a recipe I made. I only used one of them and the other one I opened just to eat a little bit...yeah, I finished the entire bar before the day was through.
Is the cauliflower salad with roasted red peppers, olives, celery and capers your own recipe? It sounds like something my girls would love as to share?

Mac and Cheese said...

Milk chocolate is sooooo much better than dark. Never regret milk chocolate!

Sarah said...

After your sickiness this summer, girl, you deserve that damn chocolate bar! ha! Have fun with the all sounds delish!

Sheena said...

I foodgasmed hard core this week with bacon wrapped sauteed dates. OMG OMG OMG. super simple... can you have that?

indigo herself said...

what is the recipe for your pasta salad and lulu's favourite salad pretty please?