Monday, August 11, 2008

mama said there'd be days like these

Some days with a three year old are challenging to say the least.
Then there are the days that make up for it all.
Today was once of those days.
We drove down to visit my mom in the morning and she was the perfect passenger along the way.
When we arrived at grandma's house she was just so affectionate and loving.
My 87 year old grandmother is visiting and it was so wonderful to see her with her great-gran.
Chatting away and charming her in her sweet Lulu way.
Pretty impressive seeing as she's only met her twice in her life.
I sat back and watched in awe at how amazing my little gal is.
I really am one lucky mama.
I wish everyday it could be like today.


Ms. Porter said...

Love those days, love the feelings on those days even more. Four generations together at once is pretty special.

kittenpie said...

That's the magic and mystery of three and four, to me. The nice times are amazing, when you get to see them blossoming in every way, but then the times when they turn that new intelligence on you are so frustrating.

amanda said...

I love those days... although they seem less and less these days. Actually, most days start out that way and then take a turn somewhere around dinnertime. :)

Don Mills Diva said...

It's the great days like that that really make it all worthwhile... enjoy.

Sarah said...

What a gift to have the 4 generations of women together!

Ms. Porter said...

I have a question for you that's not related to your post...sorry!! Just wondering what your all time favourite everyday cookbook is? I am looking for inspiration, so tired of cooking the same old same old. I want to find some new dishes that I can cook during the week.

motherbumper said...

Challenging? You are so polite. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. Oh and I gave you an award over at my blog so pass it on.

petite gourmand said...

hey ms. porter
so as far as my daily inspiration for fast healthy everyday cooking I tend to use Martha every day food mag.
it's really good actually.
lots of fast easy recipes and they are almost always delicious.
I also like the Eating Well web site and also Cooking Light.
Jamie Oliver has some great recipes too- especially his earlier cook books.
I used to be into Donna Hay, but I'm finding her stuff a bit repetitive re ingredients.
but she has lots of nice entertaining ideas.
But my latest and favourite mag is Delicious.
It's fantastic.
I've done a bunch of things from the latest issue and they have all turned out nicely.
I should also mention Wish Magazine too for a bit of local flavour.
There are so many more- but those are my family standbys.
good luck and happy cooking!

Ms. Porter said...

Thanks for the suggestions, a few I also love and some haven't looked at yet so I'm betting I will love them as well.