Friday, August 08, 2008

wheat-less in Seattle

Well I'm not in Seattle- though I might as well be, seeing as we have had more rain here this summer in Toronto than Vancouver and Seattle combined.
I just made that up- but still, it sure feels like it.
Better than a drought I guess.
I wonder how the farmers feel about all this rain?
Speaking of farmers...
I haven't really be writing about food much these days.
Usually my summers are spent dreaming up delicious menus for friends and family, trying to take full advantage of all the fantastic fresh local fruits and veg.
This year not so much.
We have yet to have a soul over for a back yard BBQ.
Big Daddy has been working like a dog and he is usually completely exhausted by the time Friday rolls around.
And because his job is pretty social- the last thing he feels like doing is more socializing.
But I miss all our friends and would love to see more of them.
One of these weekends I hope.
But the real reason is...well I'm on a bit of an elimination diet.
Fun Fun.
Not a diet to lose weight- but to figure out what the heck is creating so my havoc with my system.
So for the past few months I have been Wheat free, dairy free, alcohol free, caffeine free and chocolate free.
In a nut shell- Fun Free.
I'm hoping it's all temporary and that eventually I'll figure things out.
I have an appointment with a really great allergist in October so hopefully this will help with coming up with some answers.
So that's why i haven't been posting much about food.
The love of my life....sniff sniff..
but before this "elimination diet" I made a little white anchovy flat bread with fresh asiago cheese and olive oil- pictured above.
Simple and delicious.
I dream of it at night....the soft fluffy dough, the sharp tangy cheese....ohhh ahhhh...
errr...As I was saying...
I'm actually finding some fantastic Gluten-free cook books and web sites that I am drawing some inspiration from, which I will post soon.
well once I get over mourning the lack of Lime & Lagers, ice cream and choclolate I'll be partaking in this "summer"...


crazymumma said...

Good luck with the elimination diet. It must be awfully hard for a foodie like you.

I have eliminated almost all carbs from my diet. Not only did I lose some weight, but my 'system' is much happier....

Anonymous said...

Hey doll! sorry to hear about the restrictive diet...I 'm perpetually on one (except for booze i might add - i can only give up so much at once!)...and it does help things for sure. I swear, quinoa is the answer to all stomach problems! Asides...I checked out some of your entries today- I've been out - of -line this summer- not on the computer as much as i used to be! Lulu is so big! she looks adorable. I hope i can see you this week! xoxojb

kittenpie said...

OMG how long does this elimination go on for?! I am finding it hard enough to LIMIT intake on some things and only eliminate a few, I don't know how you are managing that. Hope it's not for long...

amanda said...

Oh Lord, I hope that diet isn't totally killing you. I can't imagine. But on the upside, hopefully it'll help to get things figured out.