Tuesday, August 05, 2008

simple times

So I was out for a long walk with Lulu today (and can I say how happy I am that she still loves hanging out in the stroller for long power walks) and I was thinking.
thinking about so many things- where to begin?
I've been on a bit of a reading binge these past few weeks, and for some reason all the books that I seem to keep choosing take place around 1915-1945.
Must have been such different times.
Simple yet complicated because of the war.

Wasting food or anything for that matter was unheard of.
I cringe every-time I scrape food into the green bin when I think about how much we have today and how little they had back then.

People had small closets for a reason- they had limited amounts of clothing.
I'm still not sure why I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40 tee-shirts...
After all there is only seven days in a week.
let's not even mention shoes.
quite frankly it is a little embarrassing how many pairs of flip flops and ballet flats I own.
Back then it seemed like nothing was taken for granted.

Aside from the war I often think it would be so amazing to go back during that time.
A time where people were polite and had good manners.
Imagine that? a polite society?
I'm often floored at how rude people are becoming these days.
If someone walks directly in front of you while at the video store or the grocery store (especially pusateri's) would it hurt to just say excuse me?
what's up with that?
Honestly the rudest people on the planet shop at pusateri's-present company excluded of course ;
Fortunately I don't go there on too regular a basis- it's just that they just have such amazing produce, and bakery and deli and butcher...
I could think of so many other examples of general rudeness that I encounter each day but I try not to dwell on it too much.
I just keep on trying to emphasize being polite and saying yes please, no thank-you & excuse me to Lulu as much as possible.
So far I think it's sinking in, but it's still a daily effort.

I love that people took the time back then to write letters in beautiful handwriting on lovely stationary.
There is no greater thrill for me than a hand written note in the mail- I think it is one of life's simple actions that for me goes a long way.
I would love to improve my handwriting so that it could look as beautiful as my grandmother's once did.
Note to self ( 'scuse the pun) must send more notes to friends on lovely stationary.
Or at the very least send longer more thoughtful emails..

And although I know I would have a difficult time living without cell phones, cable and computers, I do fantasize about how nice it would be to not have access to all these things even if just for a day.
Just not on Thursday when the season finale to So You Think You Can Dance is on...

While sitting in the kitchen tonight eating dinner with Lulu we had some old jazz playing (okay it was on itunes, but still..)
and I couldn't help to think about what family lived in our house back in 1920.
What was their life like?
I wonder how different is was from ours and how similar?
I guess I just have to walk next door and ask the old lady who was one of the original owners of the house, well that is if she ever came out of the house.
which she rarely does.

many other random thoughts bouncing around in my head at the moment, but I'm about to crack open another book and as most of you know, me time in the evening is fleeting..

what's on your reading list these days?


Rebecca H. said...

i think you should find out from your neighbour what living in your house was really like back in the day. i bet you'd be surprised how much she'd love to tell you. i'm also thinking you might find those stories fascinating. i'm always amazed at how much women or men of a certain vintage relish the opportunity to relive their past for a moment.
i hope you talk to her, and then blog about it.

Mommy Jo said...

Have you read "A Long Way Gone"? Perhaps this could be your next read.

Heather said...

Belong to Me
Marisa de Los Santos

...and so on it goes said...

Hey Petite,

Thanks for your recent email...maybe I will send you a reply by snailmail :-)

I am currently reading Jane Eyre but I recently read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and it was FABULOUS!!! I also just finished Atonement and really enjoyed it (I never saw the film)

Hope all is well with Lulu and Big Daddy.

Anonymous said...

I'm readin Maisie Dobbs by jacqueline winspear. it's a bit of chick lit, but hey, I'm comfy with my metrosexuality!!
thanks lil' lady.

kittenpie said...

I keep wishing I had it in me to sit and write letters - but on the odd occasion when I do, I invariably find it in my purse a mnth or two later because I never made it to the post office. (In fact, I jsut found mohterbumper's christmas card last week...) It soemhow seems like there was more time, even without the conveniences, because we weren't trying to pack so much in and most families needed only one income-earner in the days before the wild inflation of the 70s.

Still, I wouldn't trade. Not for cell phone and reality tv, but rather for things like health and birth control and more options open to us.

Right now, I'm reading Richard Preston's newest. He's a no-fiction writer who is an amazing storyteller. I've read past books of his on diseases and so on, but this one is a bunch of smaller pieces, each on a different topic, and each handled with his typical style. I'm quite enjoying it.

amanda said...

Oh I agree... people are so rude these days. And I do love great stationary. I don't think I'll ever give up a good old handwritten thank you. I got one via email the other day... a bit strange.

Let's see... flying through the books over here too. Recently finished James Frey's newest (fiction this time:)) and The Doctor's Wife (just ok). Currently reading The Liar's Club... similar to The Glass Castle (a memoir). And I've got about four on my "to read" list, including a few of your suggestions:)

Hawk Eyes said...

I think this picture was taken in my shop! A flash back to simpler times!
Check out the blog: www.shophawkeyes.blogspot.com
Be sure to introduce yourself next time you're in the neighbourhood.

petite gourmand said...

yes it was taken in your shop- which I love!

the next time I'm in I will be sure to introduce myself.