Thursday, December 18, 2008

ho ho double ho

hmmm....Santa #1

Or Santa #2....

I'll take Santa #1
So we made our annual pilgrimage the the 5th floor of the Bay downtown to see Lulu's favorite bearded jolly fellow.
Once again, no line ups, no hassle and Mrs.Claus was even there to help Lulu hop up on Santa's lap.
He is the real deal folks.
I'm sure of it.
I could just sense an aura of Christmas magic in the air.
Or maybe that was just all the cheap perfume being sprayed in our direction while passing the fragrance department.
Those women are ruthless I tell you.
Um gee that's okay- I don't really want a free sample of Eau de Old lady, thankyouverymuch.
And why must they always spray it in your face?
Its like dodging bullets trying to get out of that department unscathed.
But I digress...
Santa remembered Lulu from last year and the year before that.
I have all the pictures to compare and I swear, he hasn't aged one iota.
He has to be the real Santa- has to be I tell you.

you be the judge..


Anonymous said...

I say he's the real deal too ;)

Lulu is getting so big!!

Mac and Cheese said...

He DOES have an air of authenticity about him.

kittenpie said...

Wow, that's a nice Santa!

kgirl said...

Look at the difference between Lulu last year, and Lulu this year - holy moly. They turn three and it's like they're little people. sigh.

Lisa b said...

I have been obsessed with that santa since you posted him and finally remembered to get there this year. He is so fabulous - no line up no hassle and can you believe several people have commented that our christms card looks CREEPY?!?!!?
so I tell them he is real.
(its the one on my facebook btw - w I guess he doesn't look great. but in my mind he looks like that top one of lulu that I fell in love with his long ermine cloak!)