Friday, December 12, 2008

on comet, on cupid

Last weekend we went to riverdale farm for a little holiday celebration.
There were cute crafts, music and cookies and the big man in red was there too.
He was a bit of a ghetto Santa.
His suit looked like it was in serious need of a dry cleaning, his beard was more gray than white and kind of hanging off of his face...but Lulu didn't seem notice.
She just handed him her list- which was a piece of paper with a bunch of squiggles and some puppy stickers on it.
Told him all she really wanted was a puppy- but not a real one because she's not 5 yet.
So it will have to be a "stuffing" one.
Then asked him if his reindeers could talk?
And if Comet was from outer-space?
g-d I love that kid.


Lynn said...

That's so adorable! I'm so impressed she was able to actually talk to kids were terrified and hid behind me the entire time. I hope she gets an adorable stuffed doggie from Santa :).

Sarah said...

That is awesome...I bet Santa hadn't heard those goodies before. Keep him on his toes...

Mommy Jo said...

I admire Lulu's bravery: to talk to Santa. I can't see my boy doing that next year!

It's been a great time visiting and reading your blog in 2008!

Happy Holiday Season.

amanda said...

The stuff they come up with. Jack's preschool teacher told me the other day that he told her that he sat on Santa's lap and asked for boobie traps for Christmas. Hmmm. News to me.

kittenpie said...

That reindeer is adorable. And mine also asked for a stuffed dog. That's an easy request to grant! And a Barbie - I'll let one of the in-laws tackle that one.