Saturday, December 20, 2008

O christmas tree O christmas tree....

Every year I try my best to get into the Christmas spirit.
I put seasonal decorations around the house.

Lulu & I start baking Christmas cookies around the second week of December.

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...
I record all the Christmas specials like Frosty, The Grinch and Rudolph and snuggle up and watch them with Lulu or more accurately get stuff done around the house while she's engrossed in the shows.
I pour over countless cooking magazines and cookbooks and try to come up with delectable menus for the holidays.
I listen to Holiday music though out most of the month of December.
But for some reason I just can't get into it no matter how hard I try.
It's no secret in my family that Christmas isn't one of my favourite holidays.
Too much expectation, too busy, the stores are too crowded and well quite frankly, I am sick every single f'ing Christmas!
Either the week before or during.
It never fails.
Once again, this year is no exception.
Lulu & big daddy were down with the flu last week and the week before, now it's my turn.
Surprise surprise.
So no fancyshmancy holiday parties or holiday cheer for me this weekend and it really sucks.
It's not like I wasn't expecting to get sick, it's just that I thought, maybe, just maybe this would be the year I would get lucky.
Plus I've been pumping vitamin C like nobodies business.
In addition to my bah-humbugness we skipped putting up a tree this year.
Yup. no tree for us.
I know I'm terrible, and I know that a large vase with pine branches doesn't really count- in defense, it does look quite lovely.
But Big daddy has never been a fan of having a Christmas tree- fair enough- he is Jewish after-all.
And he did indulge me last year by putting up a huge tree that took up most of the real estate in the dining/living room.
So I really can't complain.
But I just feel like I am depriving Lulu a bit.
So far she really doesn't seem to care or has yet to mention anything, but still..
At least we have stockings, and we have been playing a little game with her all month to get her excited about the holidays.
We knock on the front door and let her answer and we leave a wrapped gift there for her each week from the "elfarazzi"
That's what we call Santa's elves that seem to get mysterious pictures of her when shes not looking.
These particular elves have been assigned to her and watching to make sure she's been bad or good and they provide Santa with photographic evidence....
This week she got a new Sled from those sneaky little elves.
She was freaking out and over the top excited- which was so fun to watch.
Quite honestly it's nice to spread things out a bit so it's not toy overload on the 25th.
And with the huge dumping of show we got yesterday, that sled sure will come in handy.
Those elves have such good timing..

So I'm not sure if I'll post this or not, because let's face it- who wants to listen to the rantings of a scrooge.
But fingers crossed that by the 24th I'll be feeling jolly.
fahla laa laa la la la.
Maybe this will help get me in the mood..
or not.


Mac and Cheese said...

I feel like I'm depriving my kids too. Although my family is Jewish, we grew up with a tree. It feels weird not to have one.

Ms. Porter said...

First can I tell you that I had a HUGE grin on my face when I read about Lulu's reaction to the sled!!! I love that idea, it's awesome to spread it out! Fun.

I can relate to how you feel about Christmas this year. I haven't been in the mood either even though I have done everything to try and get myself there. Today I do feel a bit more into it...could be all the snow!

I hope you get better soon...and that you don't end up sick for months like 2008...poor thing!

One last thing, that mouse cookie is awesome. Are they hard to make??? I love them.

kittenpie said...

I think th emore responsibility you have to make christmas SPECIAL! for everyone, the less fun it is, frankly. Top that with forced togetherness, and by the time it's over, I am DO DONE. At least I usually get the shopping done early so I can skip the crowds, or I'd really be grinchy!

Mommy Jo said...

This is why I like you PG. You march to your own drum!

crazymumma said...

okay okay ya ya ya.

merry christmas whatever.

But you GOTTA tell me about the upside down tree! What gallery who where what when!

petite gourmand said...

crazymumma.-harbourfront centre.
Should still be there, though I doubt any needles are left.
It was attached to a vibrating machine that if you put a loonie in it it would shake for 10 seconds.
I would like to see it now actually.
They have some really great installations.