Friday, June 05, 2009


I find myself being a bit of a match maker with Lulu these days.
Through-out the school year she has made some really sweet friends.
She has her "best" pal who lives across the street and whose parents have an uncanny amount in common with Big daddy & I.
In fact a crazy amount of similarities.
So it makes sense that the girls get along so well, and I also happen to think the world of this little girl- aka Lulu's Twin.
There's a few more that I just adore.
Lucky for me, Lulu feels the same and is drawn to their gentle and kind nature and asks to have play dates with them.
Fine by me.
I also have to like the parents of course- which in the case of most of Lulu's friends I do.
But is that wrong?
it's just that it's kind of nice when you can be friends with the parents of your kid's friends.
Makes things that much easier.
And lets face it- most often children are pretty reflective of the people raising them.
There is however (okay- here comes my daily negative banter) one kid in Lulu's class who really irritates me.
Always has.
From the second I met her- and her entire family.
They also live close by and I'm friends some people that live right next door to them.
They have filled me in on all the annoying daily stuff that would have me selling my house immediately if we happened to live next to them.
Thank g-d we don't though.
Anyhow, this kid is loud and always covered head to toe in food- which totally grosses me out, she's a bit of a bully and she gets into trouble at school frequently.
NURSERY school.
what's this kid going to be like in a few more years?
But as luck should have it she really likes Lulu and every single day asks if she can come over to our house to play.
and everyday I make some sort of excuse.
I feel bad about this- but what can I say? this kid rubs me the wrong way.
And honestly I don't really want to foster a relationship with Lulu and her (or her family)
I'm so mean I know.
More importantly Lulu never asks to play with her- other than when they see each other at the park.
And not once has she asked if she could come over to our house to play.
But the fact that she has never asked for a play date, leads me to believe that Lulu's not that crazy about this kid either.
What can I say?- my child is extremely smart.
I've never said anything- after all we plan on living in this neighbourhood for a long time and who needs enemies?
Especially four and a half year olds that tower over the rest of the kids at school...this kid could be a future WWF wrestler for all I know.
so my point is- is it okay to kind of steer your kids into relationships that you feel comfortable with?
and does anyone else out there do the same thing?

Oh and isn't it a drag when you have good adult friends with children and your kids don't get along?
haven't crossed that bridge yet- but I do find myself immensely relieved when Lulu plays nice with our friend's kids.


Ms. Porter said...'s a drag loving the mama but my girlie isn't so keen on the kid! likewise, it's a total drag when my girlie likes the kid and i dislike the mama.

you didn't mention this the mama, kid is a brat! sucks.

Sarah said...

Oh boooyy....I know a thing or two about this topic, pg.

I am currently struggling with Lucy having 5 year old opinions about not wanting boys around (yucky!) and most of my good girlfriends have boys! Kind of tough....

And I know about that "girl in the class that drives you nuts" thing...I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief when "that girl" and Lucy said goodbye at Preschool Graduation after 3 YEARS of drama. Oops..did I just say that? :)

amanda said...

I certainly don't blame you, that's for sure. And I think it's totally natural that you'd steer her into relationships that you feel more comfortable with. She'll get plenty of diversity in personalities when she's at school.

Although, it is tough to be on the opposing end of this. Having an aggressive, crazy, child that you can't control and your friends and their kids (that you've been raising your child along side for the past three years) all of a sudden aren't available anymore. It's tough.

But something tells me that this situation you're talking about is quite a bit different... and it's not necessarily a stage for this kid, it's just the kid. Period. Let's hope it's a stage, for her sake ;)