Monday, June 01, 2009

it's the little things

What is it about miniature things?
Everything is just so much cuter when it's little.
I've mentioned before that we are a tad space-challenged here at casapetitegourmand.
And being the neurotic OCD clean and organization freak that I am, I like to be able to put all of Lulu's toys out of sight (out of mind) at the end of the day.
Especially considering our basement is kind of a playroom/entertainment room combo that we all have to share.
Space is at a premium and unfortunately for Lulu we don't really have the room for any large kids toys.
As in the oh so adorable P.B. Kitchen- which I have coveted for over 4 years now.
But while we were in NYC a few weeks ago we made a "little" purchase at FAO Schwartz that is just too cute for words.

So since we don't have enough space for a big/small kitchen we got a little Little Kitchen for lulu.

She just loves it.
We got her the whole set- with the cutest little food bits that you can imagine.
The bacon even sizzles on the stove, there's mini bagels, and a toaster that pops up and a dozen tiny tiny eggs in an egg carton. Too sweet.
There are the cutest little die cast iron pots & pans that would put my All Clad to shame.
A blender that spins around, pasta, popcorn with a popping popcorn maker, tiny (and I mean tiny) french-fries, hotdogs and hamburgers, miniature garlic bread, soda, tea & coffee.
The list goes on.
Oh and I added some really cool Japanese sushi erasers to her growing collection.
Apparently Kitchen Littles is considered a retro toy that originally made it's debut in the early nineties then disappeared for a while.
I'm glad it's back.
Though I have my eye on some adorable vintage mini kitchen accessories on EBay.
Seriously how do they even make things this small?
and more importanly how on earth do I avoid vaccumming them up each day?
Not that I vaccum every day.
I'm just saying.
I do love playing with it with her- though I'm really not sure who's having more fun,
Lulu or me.


Ms. Porter said...

Mini everything at my house is a hit. It does suck having to pick up mini stuff though!

My girls received a box full of vintage mini Polly Pockets from a neighbour, I say 'vintage' because they are from the 80's (ha!). Our neighbour's daughter used to play with them and the girls adore the little pieces....great for our little house.

Playmobil is another great toy that is compact, well made, and lots of fun.

ourlittlefunnybunny said...

I adore small tiny things. Those are the cutest things I've seen!!

I hear you on the who's having more fun you or Lulu. I love to color with Sam; the other day she finished coloring and went to do something else and I ended up coloring 3 more pages!!

musingwoman said...

Now, that's the kind of cooking I think I could enjoy! :)

amanda said...

Oh my god, I love it! I want a girl. Because this stuff is so damn cute and fun to play with. Instead I'm building my 798th tower for Ralphie. Yeah, I love the tiny kitchen stuff... I had a barbie kitchen when I was a kid that my cousins handed down to me. It had little boxes and cans of food to put in the cupboards. Too much.

amanda said...

ps... I just got a chance to read and comment on your last post. Hope things are looking better these days.

sam lamb said...

that kitchen rocks! i love little toys - especially when living in a little house - but do i ever wish they would make appliances for us that look like these miniatures.

lucky lulu!