Monday, June 29, 2009

Island strike

One good thing about the city strike- no ferries to Toronto Island.
Which means no crowds, no garbage all over the place or loud annoying music playing at huge family picnics.
Maybe it's just me- but I think playing loud music in public spaces shouldn't be allowed without a permit.
It was so beautiful and quiet- that in a way I was kind of hoping the strike would continue a little longer- or at least for a few more island visits.

Oh and bonus that it was Pride weekend so all the beaches were practically empty.
Last year we made a wrong turn and ended up at the clothing optional gay beach.
Lulu looks up at me and says "um mommy why did all those men forget to wear their bathing suits?"
and "why are they all shiny and orange?"
Thank g-d we didn't wander behind a wrong cluster of bushes and trees..
Now that would be hard to explain...


Lynn said...

Hilarious! It certainly WOULD be hard to explain.

How did you get to the island if there were no ferries?

petite gourmand said...

Big daddy decided to buy a boat last year.
He rocks.

Mac and Cheese said...

Ooooh. I was going to ask about your swimming abilities.

amanda said...


b*babbler said...

That looks like fantastic fun... How are you getting over there? I'm missing the Toronto Island this summer, with the strike and all.