Monday, July 06, 2009

do you have to pea?

It's been a long time since I was inspired by food.
Not sure what happened over the past year or so, but I guess it just became something that fell to the bottom of the priority list and became just "fuel" for lack of a better term.
But now that we are mid-summer there are so many gorgeous veggies and herbs to choose from that I find myself getting excited about new recipes I want to try.
Fresh peas being one of my new favourite things.
Especially when tossed with a bit of Frantoia olive oil and fresh chopped mint from my herb garden.
The scallops were sprinkled with fresh maldon sea salt, organic lemon zest and fresh thyme (again from my garden) and pan seared for around 3 minutes per side.
I used the side burner on big daddy's new kick ass manly uber barbeque.
It's nice to be able to cook an entire meal outside.
SO good.
SO simple.
And bonus- so healthy & low cal.


Ms. Porter said...

MMMMMmmm. I hadn't realized that you weren't posting as much 'foodie' stuff, but this post sure made me remember how great you are at EVERYTHING food! Seriously? Who can make peas and scallops look and sound so mouth watering?

amanda said...

AMAZING... I love scallops. Love love love them.

Sonia said...

Your food pics are awesome. You have me drooling.