Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lovin the cuzins

Lulu's cousins were here for a quick visit- and when I say quick- I mean quick.
Big daddy's brother had the kids for his 2 weeks (pending divorce situation) and decided to take them to NYC and then stop in Toronto for 5 days.
Unfortunately he decided to visit with friends instead of us.
well that is until the last day before they left.
We were working so I get it- but it's really unfortunate because Lulu absolutely adores her cousins.
Big daddy was quite pissed at the situation actually and for the first time ever- had "words" with his bro.
Oh the drama...
I pretty much stayed out of it- I have my own issues with my brother...
but that's a whole other post.
But they are such great girls and it was so nice to see them- albeit brief.
At least we had an afternoon together.
We swam, we shopped, we ate ice-cream and sushi. what more could a girl want?
I'm just sad to see them go.
As was Lulu- sad was an understatement.
I had to do some serious consoling once they were gone.

I only wished they lived closer...
very sweet watching them all together.


kgirl said...

aw, that is sweet. my girls have an 11-yo cousin who they adore. problem is, my sis lives in bc. so we see them about 3 weeks a year, and i console bee, who misses her, for the other 53.

Ms. Porter said...

Poor Lulu!

There must have been a full moon this past weekend or something, cause there were lots of 'words' around here too (and not between Bert and I).

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos. Samantha has 2 cousins that live only 20 minutes away and even then we rarely see them due to everyone's work schedule.

It's tough.

amanda said...

Oh so sweet! Poor Lulu! At least they had a little time together ;)

Karen MEG said...

Oh boy, little girlies LOVE their bigger girl cousins, too bad it was such a short visit!

Sorry about all the family drama. I guess that's the way it is sometimes, but great to see that the girls love each other so (great photos BTW...)