Friday, July 24, 2009

trash talk

I think it's around day 31 of the Toronto city worker- garbage strike.
For the most part the strike really hasn't affected us too badly.
Big daddy takes our trash & recycling to work where we have private pick up.
Our neighbourhood is practically empty in the summer with most people at the cottage or on vacation, so as far as I can tell things look pretty decent.
Even our neighbours who have FOUR freakin green bins have been away most of July so fortunately no smell of rotting decay wafting over our side of the fence. Yet.
But that's where it ends.
I was at the R.O.M. on the weekend and I must say that Bloor St. is looking pretty shite.
The city is really screwing up big time.
This is tourist season and what kind of a message are we trying to send to people?
We are still trying to bounce back after Sars and the recession and now this!
piles of garbage in our parks and all along our beautiful Lakeshore.
welcome to Toronto folks.
Not to mention all the park program closures.
Thankfully I decided to go the private camp route and not sign Lulu up for any city parks & rec. programs.
all cancelled.
Our weekly trips to riverdale farm are no longer.
Though I must admit that I am a bit relieved that all the splash pads are closed as I've never really been a big fan of those murky petrie dishes...
I much prefer the parks with water sprinklers- and fortunately there's a few around our neighbourhood.
Not that it's been hot enough to use them. grrrr...
I know I mentioned that it's pretty nice having our own boat so that we can enjoy a crowd free and quiet Toronto island.
But it would be nice if the amusement park at Center Island was opened for all the rides for the kids.
I especially feel bad for all those students who work there that were depending on a paycheck for the summer to help pay their tuition in the fall.
Anyhow all I can say is that I'm getting pretty fed up with it.
Both big daddy & I are self employed and if we get sick we don't get paid- simple as that.
so all this crap about banking sick days and holding out for more money for the unions is very frustrating.
But ultimately it's not the union bosses that are hurting it's everyone else.
So frustrating that it seems as though our city is being run by a bunch of morons.
that's my rant for the day.
deep breath.
Not too deep though- don't want to inhale any stinky garbage fumes.

anyone else being affected by the city strike?


Mac and Cheese said...

I live in a 905 bubble, just one km north of the strike. I'm just pretending that all is well.

Anonymous said...

hehe...I guess you could put me in that same boat as M&C.

Hopefully today the strike will be done. from what I'm seeing on TV at the moment..

amanda said...

OH man! What a mess!

Mommy Jo said...

Here in BC we have heard a lot about the garbage chaos in's a shame, a real shame.

Makes me feel guilty being Canadian; does Harper and his crew feel guilty?