Monday, June 29, 2009

Island strike

One good thing about the city strike- no ferries to Toronto Island.
Which means no crowds, no garbage all over the place or loud annoying music playing at huge family picnics.
Maybe it's just me- but I think playing loud music in public spaces shouldn't be allowed without a permit.
It was so beautiful and quiet- that in a way I was kind of hoping the strike would continue a little longer- or at least for a few more island visits.

Oh and bonus that it was Pride weekend so all the beaches were practically empty.
Last year we made a wrong turn and ended up at the clothing optional gay beach.
Lulu looks up at me and says "um mommy why did all those men forget to wear their bathing suits?"
and "why are they all shiny and orange?"
Thank g-d we didn't wander behind a wrong cluster of bushes and trees..
Now that would be hard to explain...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

eat pray love

A friend lent me this book months ago, and for some reason it just sat collecting dust on the bookshelf.
She really enjoyed it and assured me that I would too.
Then again my favourite gal at my favourite local book store steered me away from buying it calling it "quite self indulgent" and recommended some other fantastic books instead.
stay tuned for those.
I eventually got around to reading it (and am glad I borrowed not bought it)
There were some parts that I really enjoyed-ie. the Eat part.
Who doesn't like reading about eating gelato for breakfast in Italy?
and I guess I didn't mind the love part.
but maybe only because I was loving the fact that I was almost finished the book.
Don't get me wrong- I have nothing against praying- it's just that I had a really hard time relating to the thought of just taking a year to "find myself" and just eat...pray, practice yoga & meditation.
No responsibility, no relationships no family- nada.
At least not in your mid-thirties.
Don't know if I was envious of the author's freedom or felt a bit sorry for her.
Oh who am I kidding?...I was super jealous.
"Finding myself" these days consists of having a shower until the hot water runs out.
which sadly is around 6.5 minutes- seeing as I'm the last to get ready in the morning.
I might add that that "meditative" 6.5 minutes is often interrupted by a certain someone deciding to keep me company.
"hey momma- how ya doin in there? do you want my mermaid Goldie to play with? do ya? huh? huh?"
note to self: must get lock installed on bathroom door.
So needless to say I had a hard time identifying with Elizabeth and her journey of self discovery.
But I am glad I soldiered though and finished the book.
Like I said the Love part was nice.
Good to know there are some people out there who still get bladder infections from well...too much loving.
Oh the good ol' days.
Cranberry juice anyone?

Speaking of love...
Definitely going trough a bitter sweet stage with Lulu at the moment.
The sweet part being everything about her.
Her little voice, her tiny soft hands, her absolute and constant unconditional love for me.
The bitter part being that she just can't get enough of me.
"Momma, momma, mamma, mommy, mom, mommy, mama, mommy....."
NON stop all day long.
So no- no time to eat pray and "love" at least in the vertical sense.
I keep wondering if it's because she's an only child.
Or maybe it's just the stage she's in.
What ever it is- please tell me I'm not alone.

oh and in addition to thousand or so times I hear "mama, mommy, mom" all day long, these are a few other gems I have to put down before they are no longer.
} "momma...ya know what?" said before every single thing she says all day long.
I'd say somewhere in the neighbourhood of 387 times a day- not that I'm counting.
me- "no what?" -"umhum?" - "no but I'm sure you're about to tell me.."
} "I'm not whiiiindinggggggggg" a.k.a. whining.
} " momma- who is Ord Jesus?"
} " I like your eye lashes mommy- they are so princessish"
Gotta love Maybelline.
} "mommy you have the softest whitest skin ever"
the soft part is great -the white part not so great seeing as I have been doing my best to camouflage my nearly translucent white legs with my sunless tanning lotion.
ah well at least she didn't start trying to trace the blue veins with her tiny soft fingers and say "momma, your legs are so soft white and blueish"

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So there has been much improvement in the marriage department here at casapetitegourmand since big daddy got back from L.A.
I think some time apart really helped to put things into perspective- for both of us.
I was definitely feelin' the luv when he got home.
I suppose it didn't hurt that he came home to scented candles burning, some delicious food and
He supplied the wine.
Straight from Hartley Ostini in Santa Barbara California.
2006 Hitching Post Pinot Noir. bless his sorry ass.
After one sip he was instantly out of the dog house.
Who needs jewelery or flowers?
After 12 years together, what can I say? the man knows me too well.
So after lots of catching up- which was nice- I feel like things are back on track.
I asked him not to email or call everyday while he was gone- just so that we could really have a break.
It's not really a break when we are on skype, or sending a dozen emails a day or talking about each day play by play.
Time to just unplug and think.
One of my biggest issues was how "connected" big daddy is. (and everyone for that matter)
I mean people- get off your phone and pay attention to the damn road! and texting and driving- don't even get me started...
But I digress..
I can completely respect the fact that he runs his own business and needs to be available to clients, but really- 24/7 was getting to be a bit much.
And quite honestly all this texting etc. really isn't always essential- and most often kind of a social waste of time.
My time. or make that OUR time- as in Lulu & I.
Not that I want to control that part of his life- but at least during dinner.
Not too much to ask I think.
So as a result of our "discussion"
Big daddy finishes all calls on the way home, once he's in the driveway he shuts off his phone and computer and just hangs out with Lulu.
Just the two of them- no distractions, just father & daughter chatting about their day.
It makes such a HUGE difference.
I get to enjoy a bit of quiet cooking time- and Lulu is content that she had some quality attention and is really well behaved during dinner.
MUCH less interrupting, lots of funny discussions and everyone seems to be way more chilled.
Big improvement.
As for big daddy & I ending up not talking after Lulu goes to bed- well let's just say that we are trying a new M.O. and having a few nights a week "unplugged".
No computers- maybe a movie that we can both enjoy, a bit of t.v. but much more reading or just hanging together.
well except for when my all time favourite summer show is on.
So You Think You Can Dance.
In the words of Mary Murphy- whaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHaaaaa!!!!!
I love this show.
so no unplugging when it's on.
no double standards happening around here. uhhuh. nope. none at all.
that's it- gotta go. my show's on.

oh and don't feel too bad for big daddy- he's currently out for drinks with friends/clients.
Another goal is to take a night a week each to just do our own thing.
fine by me.
absence really does make the heart grow fonder,
Well that and make time to watch stupid reality t.v.

Friday, June 05, 2009


I find myself being a bit of a match maker with Lulu these days.
Through-out the school year she has made some really sweet friends.
She has her "best" pal who lives across the street and whose parents have an uncanny amount in common with Big daddy & I.
In fact a crazy amount of similarities.
So it makes sense that the girls get along so well, and I also happen to think the world of this little girl- aka Lulu's Twin.
There's a few more that I just adore.
Lucky for me, Lulu feels the same and is drawn to their gentle and kind nature and asks to have play dates with them.
Fine by me.
I also have to like the parents of course- which in the case of most of Lulu's friends I do.
But is that wrong?
it's just that it's kind of nice when you can be friends with the parents of your kid's friends.
Makes things that much easier.
And lets face it- most often children are pretty reflective of the people raising them.
There is however (okay- here comes my daily negative banter) one kid in Lulu's class who really irritates me.
Always has.
From the second I met her- and her entire family.
They also live close by and I'm friends some people that live right next door to them.
They have filled me in on all the annoying daily stuff that would have me selling my house immediately if we happened to live next to them.
Thank g-d we don't though.
Anyhow, this kid is loud and always covered head to toe in food- which totally grosses me out, she's a bit of a bully and she gets into trouble at school frequently.
NURSERY school.
what's this kid going to be like in a few more years?
But as luck should have it she really likes Lulu and every single day asks if she can come over to our house to play.
and everyday I make some sort of excuse.
I feel bad about this- but what can I say? this kid rubs me the wrong way.
And honestly I don't really want to foster a relationship with Lulu and her (or her family)
I'm so mean I know.
More importantly Lulu never asks to play with her- other than when they see each other at the park.
And not once has she asked if she could come over to our house to play.
But the fact that she has never asked for a play date, leads me to believe that Lulu's not that crazy about this kid either.
What can I say?- my child is extremely smart.
I've never said anything- after all we plan on living in this neighbourhood for a long time and who needs enemies?
Especially four and a half year olds that tower over the rest of the kids at school...this kid could be a future WWF wrestler for all I know.
so my point is- is it okay to kind of steer your kids into relationships that you feel comfortable with?
and does anyone else out there do the same thing?

Oh and isn't it a drag when you have good adult friends with children and your kids don't get along?
haven't crossed that bridge yet- but I do find myself immensely relieved when Lulu plays nice with our friend's kids.

Monday, June 01, 2009

it's the little things

What is it about miniature things?
Everything is just so much cuter when it's little.
I've mentioned before that we are a tad space-challenged here at casapetitegourmand.
And being the neurotic OCD clean and organization freak that I am, I like to be able to put all of Lulu's toys out of sight (out of mind) at the end of the day.
Especially considering our basement is kind of a playroom/entertainment room combo that we all have to share.
Space is at a premium and unfortunately for Lulu we don't really have the room for any large kids toys.
As in the oh so adorable P.B. Kitchen- which I have coveted for over 4 years now.
But while we were in NYC a few weeks ago we made a "little" purchase at FAO Schwartz that is just too cute for words.

So since we don't have enough space for a big/small kitchen we got a little Little Kitchen for lulu.

She just loves it.
We got her the whole set- with the cutest little food bits that you can imagine.
The bacon even sizzles on the stove, there's mini bagels, and a toaster that pops up and a dozen tiny tiny eggs in an egg carton. Too sweet.
There are the cutest little die cast iron pots & pans that would put my All Clad to shame.
A blender that spins around, pasta, popcorn with a popping popcorn maker, tiny (and I mean tiny) french-fries, hotdogs and hamburgers, miniature garlic bread, soda, tea & coffee.
The list goes on.
Oh and I added some really cool Japanese sushi erasers to her growing collection.
Apparently Kitchen Littles is considered a retro toy that originally made it's debut in the early nineties then disappeared for a while.
I'm glad it's back.
Though I have my eye on some adorable vintage mini kitchen accessories on EBay.
Seriously how do they even make things this small?
and more importanly how on earth do I avoid vaccumming them up each day?
Not that I vaccum every day.
I'm just saying.
I do love playing with it with her- though I'm really not sure who's having more fun,
Lulu or me.