Wednesday, June 16, 2010

date night

For the past few months I've been making a concerted effort to commit to booking babysitters once a week so big daddy & I can get out and spend some time alone.
MUCH needed time alone I might add.
A couple of weeks ago we found a new cheap & cheerful sushi joint that I thought was fantastic.
There are so many sushi restaurants around town and we have three or four that we go to on a regular basis.
But we kind of stumbled upon this one by accident while trying to avoid the construction mayhem on Bloor St (when oh when will it be complete?!- what a mess..)
Anyhow it's on Bay st- just across from Pusateri's.
Ignore the carpeted floor (the only flaw in my opinion) the food was really great as was the service and rest of the decor.
We had such a fun night- sipping sake, eating fresh (inexpensive) sushi and hanging out for a few hours at the Bookstore afterwards.
Though I might warn against book shopping while under the sake influence as we ended up buying a ton of books that we really didn't need.
So our cheap date night- kind of ended up not so cheap.
Ah well.
What can I say? we felt like two kids in a candy shop.
Even the most casual things can be that much more relaxing and fun when you get to be together as a couple without the kid(s).
Nothing against our little angel- but I think it's really healthy to spend time apart.
I'm currently trying to build up our roster of babysitters- as our regular gal is off to camp for the summer.
sniff sniff..
But all is not lost, as we are trying someone new for this week- fingers crossed that she works out.
Who knew it would be so difficult to find great babysitters?
Actually, Lulu really looks forward to her night with the sitter as there is usually pizza, potato chips, bear puffs, ice cream, movies and games involved.
Have to butter up the babysitters and feed them well- it's pretty competitive out there when it comes to booking the best kids.
When I'm at the grocery store buying "food" for the babysitter I always feel like telling the person behind me in line that "it's not the stuff I usually feed my family- it's for the babysitter- honest"
Something tells me that the usual veggies & hummus with flax pita might not go over so well with the 13-15 year old set.

How about you-What's your favourite thing to do on "date-night?"
and how often do you have date nights?
inquiring minds want to know.


kurrabikid said...

We had our first one in more than a year on Saturday! But I think it's a bit different for us since T is only 9 months old. It was refreshing and lovely to be out all on our own. So lovely.

Christie said...

We've been having date nights every other Friday for a few months now and it's heaven - for all of us.

Our daughters, who are 7 and 3, practically shove us out the door as soon as our babysitter's feet cross the threshold.

Some Fridays we'd love to just sneak upstairs and doze off, but we always find that once we're out -- usually to a restaurant or movie -- we settle back into that familiar territory of being a couple and it's a nice place to visit.

Betsy Mae said...

My favourite thing to do on date night is to go out for dinner. It sure is great being able to chat over a slow meal, oh and not having to take anyone to the washroom just as my meal is served! We don't get out often though, probably once every few months. We always say that we are going to make more of an effort to get out on dates but it just doesn't happen.

kgirl said...

Our nights out together are so rare that we usually roll it into something more social so that we also get to see neglected friends. But otherwise, when we do have a date night, they sound very similar to yours. Sadly, we've been trying to get out for a real date for weeks, and honestly cannot coordinate it. I am dying to go to Ruby Watchco.